It’s the Plod and Mango Show

Last night’s AGM at the Thai Restaurant near Ma Po – complete with appropriate zombie headdresses and natty black shirts – saw the largest turn-out in a long time “elect” a new committee for the next 12 months. As we chowed down on Singapore fried noodles (apparently unavailable in Singapore) and crab cakes with sweet chilli sauce, One Eyed Jack dispensed one-eyed justice and bestowed upon the Hash the following spanking new committee:

Grand Master Gunpowder Plod
Religious Advisor Mango Groove
GM2 Salesman
RA2 Luk Sup Gow
Cash Stingray
Beer Eunuch
Kit Velcro Lips
Webby & Hare Raiser Golden Balls
An incendiary mix. Bring it on.