Return to Splendour

Hong Kong’s most disorganised hash once again shows its colours. Hot on the heels of the AGM, Hare Raiser Golden Balls was confronted with a hare abdication for the very first run of the new term. Yes, it was Serbian Bomber (aka Serbian Bomber Diver Muffmunchenhausen von Ryan’s Express, or something) who pleaded for a third postponement of his run. Previous excuses have included ruptured ankle ligaments, being in detention and not getting his sums right. This time it was something along the lines of “the cat’s done a whoopsy in my beret.” True to form, he revealed his latest abdication at the last minute. It was a stroke of genius, lulling everybody into a sense of avid expectancy. The conversation around the buckets for the preceding few weeks had been dominated by “Is he really going to do it this time?”, “I can’t believe it’s really happening,” and “It’s going to be a survivalist’s shiggy-fest!” Alas, all our hopes were once again cruelly dashed by the master of the anticlimax. But fear not. A new hare line is under construction, and yes, there’ll be a new Serbian Bomber run scheduled, one that will – slowly at first – get tongues wagging, building to an almost unbearable frenzy of anticipation as the date approaches…

Meanwhile, this week’s run has been rescued by a mystery hare, who will set a trail in the fabulously rich hashing locale of Lam Tsuen Valley. The run starts at 7.30pm at Leafy Glade (Kong Yik Store, Lam Kam Road). Park at the Glade, or take the 64K bus that runs between Tai Po and Yuen Long.

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