Report: Run 1557

You’ve Been Tagged
By Gunpowder Plod with input from Mango Groove

The latest tramp juice

Nobody volunteered…a dramatic re-enactment. 
The location was decreed by the GM in the absence of the Hare Raiser and Hare as Plod’s Pagoda II, Nai Chung bus terminus, Sap Sei Heung. 
Plod: collected a damp WhySoSyria from the Sai Kung kindergarten and drove at a sedate speed to the Start only to realise that he had forgotten flour and chalk and only had 1/2 a bog roll in his car survival kit along with machete, Glock 23, kukri and space blanket. What to do??
WhySoSyria: speechless after sedate ride to start.
Stingray: No worries, I always keep chalk, flour and bog roll in my boot; produces soggy shopping bag (biodegradable) with 360 bits of broken chalk and a 1/4 bag of self-raising from Harrods.
Eunuch: arriving with 240 cans of assorted beer and softies flying around loose in his boot and 1/3 bag of ice and a spaced out Mango clutching the grab handles, Eunuch not being a sedate driver like the GM.
Briefing by GM: gimme the stuff, gimme 1 minute, I will run for 5 mins. 
Hare No 1 Plod: Off he goes and the pack dig out a fizzy beer each and wait for 10 minutes to give the old codger a head start. GM hides behind a tree a mile away, waiting for 5 minutes for the pack, led by:
Hare No 2 Stingray: found lurking under a flyover a mile away by
Hare No 3 Mango: proving that the most intellectual and best educated among us are also the least endowed with common sense, it takes the pack 15 minutes to find 2 checks inside the first 100m but no effing trail! Plod eventually encounters a lonely Mango returning from where he had doubled back on the out trail. “OK…great. I completely made a cock-up of the trail…leaving a very upset Stingray and a remarkably happy Eunuch…”  
Hare No 4 Plod: buggers off leaving Mango to round up the pack and lays a stimulating and well laid trail over footbridges and through villages back to the start.
The circle: with Mango claiming to be off booze due to ulcers and everyone else driving, WhySoSyria was designated Universal Lookalike and had to drink all 6 cans of warm, fizzy Skol down downs. “The best part of last night’s ‘run’ was the stimulating post-circle discussions on religion, masturbation and Stingray’s Penguins…”

5.2km, 58 minutes 

WhySoSyria – not amused

Next week’s run: Stingray

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  1. Gunpowder Plod 30/11/2012 / 9:20 am

    Sooooooooo, did the Hareraiser go to the Love Shack instead then????????

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