1563 Report & 1564 Notice

Run 1563 Report
Kam Tin Valley
January 9, 2013
Hare: Dram

The Crow Black Gloom
By Dingaling

‘Twas the coldest night of the year, but all the hashers came to run; the meek, the strong, the bold; for the hare, Dram, had promised much goodness along with birthday cheer. They came from far and wide, 15 runners with animals and friends, for tonight would be a short run, 40 minutes in the cold black gloom of Kam Tin.
In the crow black, slow black night the hashers ran, walked and waddled through the villages of Shui Tsan Tin and Tsz Tong. Like a lost puppy dog they wandered seeking the trail. On up the hill, past the deserted graves and onto the catchment, Big Moany always at the front. Left at the check, following the slow moving waters of the catchwater and the dark portals of the tunnels, no time to wonder about their construction, no time to ponder about their role in the development of Hong Kong, on on to the next check. 
Left down the hill, past the resting places of the village great and good; the smell of pig farm in the air and the scattered hell money marking a recent burial, Big Moany bouncing along in the lead. Over the hill and far away, down through the village and onto the road, its time to head home. Big Moany running in the opposite direction. Mango Groove edging Stingray in a shameful sprint finish, Golden Balls on their heels. Time to drink cold beer, time to talk and time to collect hash cash.
The GM presided over the circle, to many returnees, to many private circles, to much cold. So on the the restaurant and birthday cheer. 

Run 1564 Notice

Date: January 16, 2013
Time: 7.30pm
Place: Leafy Glade
Hare: Dingaling

Hare says: “With Dingaling’s enormous chopper in her hand, Overdue has cleared a new path for the hash. Forty minutes, wimps and rambos.”

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