Run 1570 / Report 1569

Run 1570

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
19th Hole, Fan Kam Road – near Hong Kong Golf Club, Fanling
Start 7.30pm
Hare: Moonie

19th Hole is the unofficial name of the daipaidong eatery at the southern end of the golf course

Run 1569 Report

Local Knowledge
By Moonie

Plod set up a human barrier to stop the excited and baying pack from setting off too soon, much to everyone’s dismay. “
C’mon Plod!!!”   “Let’s get gone!!”   “It’s getting cold!!” (That was Unark……POOF!!)
“There are lots funny markings, ‘cos I’m a bit funny myself” said the Hare and off we went.
Lots of following of strange markings ensued where most Hashers seemed to end up on the wrong trail. Except, that is, Ding-a-Ling, D Ram and One Eyed Jack!! Ding-a-Ling due to the fact that he had been cheating and looking for trail earlier in the afternoon.  OEJ  just doing his normal thing. And D Ram, because while scrubbing the Hares back in the bath, had managed to extract some crucial directions while the Hare was relaxing to a nice vigorous rubbing from T Bird. ………..Cheats!!! The lot  of them. 
So with Ding-a-Ling, D Ram and OEJ, not surprisingly, managing to stay true to the correct trail, and Sting Ray sticking close to them (He’s not as daft as he looks!!) Mango, Hoonack, Moonie and Ding-a-Ling (what are you doing here??) ran around like headless chickens.
So, round n round we went and suddenly…. “Flip!! Theres the Wimps!!”  where Tangerine Dream & Overdue were walking along holding hands!!!!!…………..mmmmmmm….. …and, is that Bogbrush watching from the bushes??! “Youuuuuuu dirty old man!!”
Bogbrush – confused
So its up the Old Gurkha trail we went  *to the sound of a Parrot squawk*  “It’s a check  back, it’s a check back!!”………. and sure enuff………..a Check Back!!!   “See I told you it was a Check Back!!”  (Editors note…..erm… why did you run up there, Yoonark, if you knew??)
Meanwhile, Bogbrush needing some sort of relief and after reading about Plod’s bathing experience at the beginning of this report,  is last seen heading behind the bins  with D Ram.
This on the spot report from hashers Tangerine Dream & Overdue;
We were pottering along, down towards where the others had called  trail and saw the last guys disappear right into some bushes. Trying to find them or the trail was proving too much of a challenge, so we retraced our steps back to the last check where D Ram and Bog Blush were wandering aimlessly around red faced. The mind boggles.’’
Enuff said.
On and On through the village we went, past dogs, villager’s and villager’s pretending to be dogs. Running and walking and all totally confused!! Eventually coming out at Lam Tsuen round-a-bout where we went up into the village again before crossing the road on our second Rambos, Wimps split.
As the Wimps headed home to the beer (“BEER!!!……….mmmmm”), the valiant Rambos continued on the opposite side of the valley where Plod managed to totally confuse the chasing pack numerous times, having to climb over a locked gate at one point!!
Lam Tsuen had never seen the like
Meanwhile……..Whilst the pack continued pounding on through the run, the atmosphere at Leafy was rapidly changing!  
Plod was having a major neck extension when TD and OD said they couldn’t find trail at the bridge and had seen the last runners going off right.  It went something like this;
“You can’t say they have gone down there. There are some F****** stupid runners who will F it all up cos they will F’in well run through checks regardless and not even stay on F’in trail. I set this trail, oh no, don’t, they can’t, why would they, stupid F’ers will F up my run. If they run the F’in trail to Wo Hop Shek, F###!”

“On in” shouts Sting Ray, “I’m the first Rambo back! The best, fittest, most handsome man in the pack!”

Back to the real runners,…….entering the final few metres of this epic Lam Tuen Valley run, Moonie started hallucinating  and actually thought he saw Victim & North n South up on the village path ahead. After a short conversation with a bemused couple  of old Chinese villagers, who obviously thought he was mad, and Unuck laffing his head off, It was on to the sprint finish and home to the beer. 
So, the pack dribbled in complaining of the run length (are they hashers?), pizza whereabouts and severe lack of decent beer.  That was soon sorted as everyone dived into the fridges then Plod bringing a crate of mixed bottles, including Skol (yuck!) for Eunark, and bottles of sprite!! What has become of the hash! POOFS!!

And so, the business was conducted in the usual uncontrolled manner by the GM who, it is fair to say, is rubbish at controlling the circle.
Ahhhhhhh, Beer……… ;oD
The Gurkhas had nothing to do with it

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  1. Gunpowder Plod 27/02/2013 / 5:42 pm

    10.3 Km Wimps about 6 KmLooking forward to Moonie's run report and his run next Wed at the 19th Hole.OnOn GM (in name only as anarchy continues to reign and I now fear assassination and replacement by a tyrannous cabal of whinging front running bastards who will ban "5 way checks" and anything too difficult for them to solve before the pack catches up 🙂

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