Run 1572 / Report 1571

Run 1572

Wednesday, March 13, 2007
Fo Tan, pagoda at end of Sui Wo Road
Hare: G-Spot
On on: Pigeon daipaidong

Next hare: Mango Groove
The Hareline

Run 1571
Toilet Trading

By Mango Groove

The way Cotton Bud thinks
Golden Balls had selected one of his most loved places to start the run this week, the public toilets in front of the BBQ pits at the Tsing Lung Tau entrance to Tai Lam Country Park, and indeed after setting the trail he found Kowloon Hash stalwart Cotton Bud loitering there claiming to be waiting for his “client”. Serbian Bomber was also there one hour early and was seen doing a pre-run assessment of where the trail went, but he still managed to finish at the back. One Eyed jack was last to arrive in a big huge wagon of some sort, acquired no doubt especially for his new bike. Or perhaps he was dumbing down his auto, given the grief the Merc and Jag owners got last week. Other runners present included Moonie, Eunuch, Mango Groove, Velcro Lips, G-Spot and Golden Jelly. 
Once everyone had got their kit off Golden Balls started to explain his markings. “Ignore the arrows shaped as 4”…”Some pooffy hash was here on Monday and their checks are crap our checks are great …this is a check-back…on-on is two blobs of flour and it will be an hour.” After hurrahs for Golden Balls we took off leaving Golden Jelly to look after the beer as Eunuch was worried that someone might steal his most prized stash of Skol and Carlsberg Special.
Moonie and Eunuch led the way from the first check and as usual made a complete cock-up as trail was found leading over the dam and onto the country park trail. As we ran along Eunuch suddenly stopped and looked up some steps muttering something about it could be a check back further along. However we didn’t bother listening to clever little Eunuch and instead followed Moonie who led us straight onto a check back. Yes! it went up the steps and kept going up the hillside, sometimes flattening out a little, sometimes dipping down a little but always going up. Now as we neared the top of the first hill and about 25 minutes or so into the run One Eyed Jack suddenly appeared at the front of the pack (how on Earth he managed to pull off such an intricate shortcut is beyond belief). 
The way One Eyed Jack thinks
As we descended the hill, a check had poor Mango bamboozled, so much so that he followed trail all the way down almost onto the road only to climb all the way back to find G-Spot had solved it in about a millisecond. It was at this point that Serbian Bomber, G-Spot and Mango formed their own little group as Moonie and Eunuch had long gone and One Eyed Jack was almost certainly shortcutting more of the trail. 
Some great running followed as we ran along country trail leading us in the general direction of Tsing Lung Tau, as indicated by a few signposts. As we headed back onto the concrete path G-Spot paid special attention to mark the checks for Serbian Bomber. G-Spot actually ran off trail to find a big piece of chalky stone which appeared to do the trick as Serbian Bomber didn’t actually get lost this week.
The way we think

Back at the buckets Golden Jelly had busied herself in making the biggest fire possible. Golden Balls was passing around his hip flask with some very nice tasting whisky. G-Spot found a two-by-four and threw it on the fire but Golden Jelly removed, saying it was still useful wood. G-Spot retorted he could do what he liked with it because it belonged to his company. So we put it on the fire. After a short circle around the bonfire, the conversation centred on Velcro’s new and pending Northern New Territories Hash shirt. Most agreed that the sample version G-Spot was modelling looked pretty good and hopefully we can get some done soon. And as the flames dwindled we loaded the eskies back into Eunuch’s car, who refused to chuck away the ice because he intended have suck on a few coldies when he got home. Top man.

Trail 7.5-8km.

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