Run 1574 / Report Run 1573

Run 1574

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Shui Mei Tsuen, Kam Tin
Co-ordinates: 022o 26′ 45.5″ N / 114o 03′ 50.4″ E
Hares: Hard Up & Wan Hung Lo

Same place as their last run – park at big gravel car park near the study hall; start at pagoda just over the stream by the new empty houses.

Run 1575 hare: Dingaling
The hareline

Run 1573
Mango Does It Twice
By One Eyed Jack

Damp hare

The night was hamstrung by a combination of bad weather and absenteeism for whatever reason, and in the end only three hashers did the run. One Eyed Jack was first to arrive at the start (new record), being met by a damp hare who declared that he was going to go off
and re-set the trail, as an earlier rain shower had washed away all his chalk markings. Even after all this time the hare did not know how to
lay trail for inclement weather!
Serbian Multi-Hyphenate arrived in a taxi, then we were joined by Eunuch with the beer. The run could now go ahead. After giving Mango a grace period of 20 minutes, the pack of three set off in pursuit. The trail for those who want to know went like this:
Over the footbridge, along the dual carriageway to Kam Tin, first right, then in towards the villages. Left up through the graveyard, right at the top and up and up to the trig point. Left and round to the right and down to a water tank at a saddle, left along the road down to the locked gate at the underground reservoir, then around a really dodgy mountain goat track, where Serbian slipped and ended upside down. Back down onto the road, right over a small hill past some graves and back down to Kam Tin Road. Then it was left along it to the roundabout, where Eunuch shortcut and did not follow trail, leaving One Eyed Jack to come in first, followed by Serbian with Eunuch being disqualified.
On reaching the bucket we were met by the returned hare, a rather jolly Golden Balls, a rather pretty Hard Up and a slightly under the weather Wan Hung Lo, gloating over one of his assailants being banged up for “soliciting a homosexual act”, among other offences.
Eunuch declared a free run. The pack ate Pop-Pans and drank beer and insulted each other.