Run 1576 / Report 1575

Run 1576

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
King’s Belly, Tai Po
Live run!

The hareline

Next run April 17, One Eyed Jack

Run 1575
The Walking Wounded
By Go West

“Which minibus to the hash?” I asked Eunuch in an SMS.
“26B” came the prompt reply.
Armed with this knowledge, I wandered out of my Tai Po office and starting hunting down the elusive 26B in all the likely places these green minibuses lurk. My 40 minute search continued under Tai Wo station and on to Hong Lok Yuen. Still no 26B minibus. I gave up and took a taxi. As I paid my fare, I noticed the stop was for the 25B minibus. There were no hashers there and it was after 7pm. Had I got the location wrong? I was reassured when I noticed “N2TH3 Start” marked in chalk on the ground.

I then proceeded to get naked and change into my hash gear under the adjacent footbridge – much to the amusement of a passing old hag pushing a wooden trolley. (I thought I had covered my bits quite well – obviously not!)

The first fellow hasher to arrive was Salesman, followed by the Spots and the Balls. Eunuch passed by in his car and I remonstrated with him about the minibus cock-up, to which he just shrugged his shoulders and drove on. After at least 30 seconds consideration of whether we should wait for the hare to return, we set off anyway in a lacklustre fashion towards the VD/Chemical Ali party. We were very tempted to abort the run there, but decided to carry on regardless. The trail led us over the highway and onto the rambos/wimps split. At this point, the ageing pack all started complaining of aching limbs/bad backs etc. and so it was unanimously agreed we would all continue on the wimps trail on what can only be described as a sedate amble. At the finish, we were all disappointed by the lack of beer – was this in retaliation for our laziness? We proceeded again towards the party where the buckets were found on the ground floor and Salesman led the business, eventually breaking the news to the hare, Dingaling, that no one had bothered to do his rambos run. He was understandably inconsolable. The End.