Run 1579 / Report Run 1578

Run 1579

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 – daytime run
Start 2.30pm
Bride’s Pool Road, first picnic site on the right after the police quarters
Hare: Beer Tits

SP says
There shall be a barbecue and people can bring food if they want to eat
Meet 2pm-2.10pm at Hong Lok Yuen side road
Run starts 2.30pm
The idea for the early start is to get people watered and fed before the sun goes down as the next day is a school day
There’s a pagoda for the inevitable rain for one of my runs

Next hare: May 8, Eunuch
The hareline

Run 1578
Dream Sequence
By Gunpowder Plod

Short run? – in your dreams

The Hare, that beautiful, bouncy bird with the gorgeous giggle (also known as Tangerine Dream) instructed us to meet in the dingy and dangerous back streets of Taipo town, somewhere near where she crams two-year-olds for their HK certificates.

After some discussion, we stuffed our bags into Stingray’s boot and then gathered in a gloomy park to get our run briefing. “It will be a short run,” she says, “with a split; about an hour.” (Lying cow!) So Plod, Stingray, Mango, Golden Balls, One Eyed Jack and Salesman head off along the river while LSG volunteers to help TD get the beer. Not from the nearby Wellcome, it transpires, but half way across town at P&S so TD can get her stamps while LSG lugs the beer.

The trail leads up the hill and through the villages where Mango runs over an old lady, leaving Plod and Stingray to get an earful from her outraged relatives. Then we emerge into the dual-carriageway area to a check where, it later emerges, GB tells Salesman not to call on until Plod has disappeared around a corner far away in the opposite direction.

Then its up to another check where GB, Mango and Salesman all go charging left leaving Plod, OEJ and Stingray to climb up and on. Up and up they go, and apparently GB takes one look at this and does a U-turn back to the start in search of crisps.

Our three trail-blazing heroes, way ahead of Mango and Salesman, emerge at the top and onto the road. At this point, Stingray and Plod decide to stay on the road come what may (as they did last week), but at the many checks this turned out to be the correct option and they left the trailing pack way behind, reaching the split alone. 

Here Stingray decided to wimp out, leaving the rambo to Plod, reluctantly followed by Mango. At the first check, Plod got it right and despite bawling on every few seconds, was way ahead at the top of the lovely shiggy trail over the hill and down the other side. Mango, plaintively calling “Plod, Plod, wherefore art thou you front running bastard” and other pleasantries finally shoved Plod aside near the bottom only to be caught in the villages of effing Lam Tsuen Valley!

For the best part of the next 2K, Mango trailed in Plod’s wake, eventually holding hands, until Plod was rudely elbowed aside by a sweaty Salesman, hotly pursued by Mango, leaving Plod to plod lonesomely on by himself. Nevertheless he managed to overtake a geographically challenged Mango near the finish.

Some short run; 10.6Km and 1Hr 45 Mins!!

Non runners: LSG, Beer Tits, Kerry and Eunuch.

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