Hashing is a serious business, as shown by these excerpts from a recent lesser hash run report:

“I…think about variety of terrain and how a run should take you through unique landscapes that require you to concentrate about how you’re running, about your footwork, and how that should get you to change your body rhythms.”


“Safety is another factor that I keep in mind when setting a run. It’s kind of a fine balance, trying to figure how to keep people interested in the run, a little bit scared even, and yet somehow within the margin.”


“I like to think of every run as being like that scene in that movie, what’s it called? Oh yeah, ‘Lost in Translation’. Remember that scene at the end where Bill Murray runs up to Scarlett Johansson and whispers in her ear? Of course, the audience is left guessing as to what was really said — and what ends up happening is that you project your own subconscious into the vacuum of that space – it becomes a place where we enter into the film, so to speak. That’s how I see today’s run.”

Well, good to get that known. I think we’re on the same smorgasbord.

The Northern New Territories Hash says:

“There is Wednesday and there is a run. The run has shiggy, you work up a sweat, get exhilarated on a darksome ridge, and then there is beer. That is all ye know and all ye need to know.”

– From the N2TH3 1400th Run booklet, November 25, 2009

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