Run 1580 / Report Run 1579

Run 1580

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Kau Lung Hang playgound (near Eunuch’s gaff)
Hare: Eunuch

Next hares: May 15, Salesman; May 22, Zimmerframe
The hareline 

Run 1579
By Stunt Double

N2TH3’s daytime run starting from a very nice barbecue site overlooking the mighty Plover Cove Reservoir with the rain holding off unusually on a public holiday. Hashers arrive in dribs and drabs with the hare Beer Tits already done and preparing a BBQ to replenish the energy to be exerted. Her SP Luk Sup Gow wanders back complaining like hell about his back and rumour has it from Golden Balls that it could be due to him laying the trail in sperm. The pack sets off across the Brides Pool Road and straight up a challenging steep climb towards the Pat Sin Leng range. As Salesman and I struggle going up the hill, geriatric Bogbrush unbelievably rushes past us effortlessly with his new lease of life. Is it true he had a stroke or was it a shock from a drop in the financial markets?

A cheeky check-back was set on the first rambo and wimps split which led the rambos further up the climb. Monkey Sh*t was first to hit the check-back with Eunuch and I’m sure the b#*!#@ds waited until we almost got there before turning back. Trail was to the split following the same trail as the Wimps. It went along a nature path leading to the Ag & Fish centre to the second rambo-wimp split: wimps back home on Brides Pool Road and rambos across the road to the police recreational quarters and into a shiggy mound where Plod had previously set a run which Beer Tits and LSG didn’t do. It was then back down to Tai Mei Tuk and across Ting Kok Road and into the village. At this point back-marker Golden Balls was heckled by the king of the Free China Hash, Acorn, and family from their car.

Into a building site and running through the back of the site ending in a bizarre farmer’s plot secluded from civilization and surrounded by banks of vegetation and jungle. Plod’s comment was an opium or crack den under the radar of the police…not for long. This was after I found him doing something queer with his face down in the farmer’s field before muttering, “I love this.” A small escape up an embankment was laid with trail – it was here that GB heard some crashing in the shiggy behind him and assumed it was a fast-moving late-comer. But then up on the catchment road back to the rambo-wimp split he encountered Acorn’s family who confirmed it was Acorn trying to catch him. “Not on this hash mate,” said GB with a sudden burst of speed that took him out to Bride’s Pool Road and back home to end a thoroughly enjoyable run. 
Beer, circle and lots of barbecue food to celebrate the workers of the world and a good turn-out for N2TH3 of 33 (including ankle-biters).  To end it all was a fantastic treat from Moa as she arrived to pick up the inebriated Salesman. Mussels with white wine and herbs were cooked up for the stragglers and washed down with Skol…style.

Plod, Dingaling

Beer Tits and sisters

Bogbrush, Hoover, Wan Hung-lo, GB, LSG, Salesman, Desperate Dan

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