Run 1581 / Report 1580

Run 1581

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Wo Keng Shan Road
Hare: Salesman

Hare says: Start from the first signed car park on the left of Wo Keng Shan Road (the road to the NENT landfill), off Sha Tau Kok Road – about 150 metres in.

Next hare: May 22 – Zimmerframe
The hareline

Also don’t forget the SKH3 Shekou weekend / bike ride / hash May 18-19. Last chance to get your visa.

Run 1580
Dodging Lightning
By Golden Balls

It was dark in Central at 5 o’clock and the drizzle was relentless all the way through Kowloon, Tsing Yi and Kam Tin. But on crossing the divide at Kadoorie Farm the rain became a deluge. No chance of any trail surviving. Then a call from Mango Groove: “The start has moved to Eunuch’s house.” Which was just as well because there was no shelter in the park where we were supposed to go. When the taxi got to Eunuch’s country manor he was there at the door with an umbrella to usher me into the warm confines of his walled compound. In the house two charming young ladies who were not Eunuch’s wife were enticingly curled up on the sofa. But any thoughts that he’d provided these as an alternative to the normal Wednesday night exertions were soon put paid to.
The pack – Mango Groove, G-Spot, Gunpowder Plod, One Eyed Jack, visitor Spank Me and myself, unsurprisingly small given the pother raging overhead – were told to follow Eunuch around the trail while he attempted to refresh it with the single bag of cornflour he had left. Clearly any sort of head-start would be pointless as the flour would be gone within a minute. As we set off the first flash of lightning zinged over our heads.
It was pandemonium from the first check, with Plod, G-Spot and me finding trail on lamp-posts along a concrete path while Mango, OEJ and Spank Me found trail in a stream bed (how?). My group came to a place that may have been a check, with four possible directions and no indications, and spent quite a while looking. Then the streambedders arrived with Eunuch and went off in the direction of Cloudy Hill. I caught up with them and took the lead, becoming quite adept at spotting the vestiges of flour blobs (a faint smear) that marked the original trail. As we went uphill on a muddy path more lightning flashed quite close. Eunuch was there. “Don’t worry,” he said, “We’re not going very high. In fact THIS is the high point.” Mango charged past just as the trail went from graveyard to overgrown path-turned stream shiggy, great fun, Eunuch eulogising, “This is what I love about Hong Kong: it’s wet, AND warm.”
No sign of the other four. “They’ll be alroight,” the hare kept reassuring himself. “Look, the paper has held,” indicating random vestigial scraps and shreds of the stuff. After a while we emerged back into the Yuen Leng roads. “I’ve got no flour left. But they should be able to find their way back. Shouldn’t they?” He looked far from convinced, and went back to look for them after telling me where the trail was supposed to go (out to the railway line and past the “pagoda” back to his house).
When I arrived runners were coming in from all directions, including the hare. Nobody really knew who’d done what but it didn’t matter. There was an esky full of beer and a yard full of riotous craic, including Eunuch setting a toad loose in his house and Mango demonstrating his new mojo outfit for when he’s a lurve machine and doesn’t want to be recognised.

The secret lover
The group: Eunuch, Plod, G-Spot, One Eyed Jack, Mango, Spank Me (in helmet)

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