Run 1584 / Report Run 1583

Run 1584

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Car park in Lok Wo Shan Lane opposite entrance to United World College.
Drivers can use Ma On Shan Bypass / Sai Sha Road, left at Sai Sha Roundabout, left again into Nin Wah Road and then Lok Wo Sha Lane.
Rambo trail with wimp option.
Hare: Gunpowder Plod

Run 1583
A Fence Runs Through It
By Gunpowder Plod

WhySoSyria (knees up on my dashboard, eyes wide shut) and I arrived first at this select start location in the back of beyond Hung Shui Kiu. Or so we thought, as we parked in the entrance to that world famous financial institution “Bong Yan Finance Co” (presumably the local branch of the Wo Hop To triads). 
A female form was discerned sitting on the kerbside. Walky Talky sitty scratchy. So, while WSS and WT wondered off to do a bit of surreptitious recceing, I sauntered over to a beat up old charabanc hidden in the bushes and produced my tremendous todger for a wizz. Before I could wizz, however, a grizzled face appeared at the window in the form of One Eyed Jack who then aimed his Box Brownie at me; pervert! I shot off, almost tripping over my member, before he could add me to his willy pic collection.
In short order, other members appeared in the form of G-Spot, clad for the office, and Golden Jelly. No sign of either Hare or Beer! Then GJ hands me a call from GB. “I’m – puff – still out here. Couldn’t – wheeze – find my trail from – snort – 4 years ago! Back in 10 – gasp”(crash noises off). 
So we hung around and finally GB appears closely followed by Eunuch, Mango and Beer.
The Hare reminisces:  
  • No hareline, no hare: decided to kick off next cycle with a hare-raiser’s run 
  • No recce, decided to use a trail sniffed out 4 years ago
  • Savage village dogs had me worried a bit after 1st check and advised pack to stay together when gave briefing
  • Went wrong and instead of going up to ridge ended back down close to start with about 30-35 mins trail set
  • Decided to set another loop going up past quarry into shiggy (where I meant to come down)
  • Top of quarry steps all fenced off. Squeezed through a wide gate to find second, stronger, newer fence blocking path
  • Tried to set bogroll trail through shiggy. Turned back at wasp attack (6 stings on bum) Ouch!
  • 7. Back down to highway, check-back, set yards/village route back to start/finish

So, off we went up the hill to the first check, quickly solved, up a dark village path, bravely led by Fearless Me with WhySoSyria hanging back and plaintively calling “Isn’t this where we are supposed to stick together to fend off packs of rabid beasts??” We passed several pretty pooches yapping behind locked gates and that was it; very disappointing. I threw away my iron bar in disgust. 

Then it was up the valley on a slippery shiggy trail now led by Eunuch, Mango, G-Spot, WSS and OEJ with Plod, WT and GJ bringing up the rear. Clever trail laying exposed the FRBs to cunning check-backs and route choice but in the end they were well ahead across the dam and then up up up a steep path and finally down down down and onto a gently inclining but very rough old track which reduced me to a careful shamble until caught at the bottom by GJ and WT holding hands and giggling.
Then we all regrouped as the FRBs almost shortcut at a check:
  • Poncing around bareback at finish, didn’t realise I could be seen from check at bottom of first loop
  • G-Spot, Mango spied me and ran in on home trail. I sent them back to do it properly
  • Eunuch (ill) did same but didn’t bother with 2nd loop

 Finally, the FRBs took off again along the highway minus G-Spot, wisely following Plod who, suspecting as much, located a side trail through a gate and back under the highway through a tunnel to another check. Here Plod checked the wrong way and the whole catching pack (minus Eunuch) followed G-Spot on a long but interesting, fast running loop home.
  • Finishing order: G-Spot, Whysosyria, Mango, Plod, then One-eyed Jack, Walky Talky & Golden Jelly together
  • G-Spot 50 mins,  Plod 53 Mins, Golden Jelly 55 Mins

Circle by Plod (5 DDs for Hare) and Mango involved everyone and concluded with another 4 DDs for Hare by OEJ (GB snitched on by GJ) for losing or destroying 4 mobile phones in as many months. Good cold down down beer, tasty orange crisps for the Hare and Pop Pans for the rest of us, the Best Hash in Hong Kong. OnOn

Disgruntled hare
The winner
We’re not gay!
Circle action

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