Dragon Boat Day

Paddles Ahoy!

As usual, the Northern New Territories Hash is turning out en masse to paddle for MacDermaid’s, with a King’s Belly blow-out from the team’s co-sponsor to follow. Our heat is at 9am and we expect to make the repechage final or even the real final. If so, there will be a second race at around 11.

Paddlers will set a token “run” from Tai Po Waterfront Park (race location) to the King’s Belly. In other words, we’ll mark the way to the pub. If you want to do this run, be at the place indicated on the map by 11am. Better still, come along at 8.30 and cheer us on!

Run No. 1584: 5 June 2013

The Fiscal View
By Financial Correspondent Stingray

Not gay again

A rather damp night brought Gunpowder Plod into the spot light. A hare notorious for his dubious investments in unconventional markings, this run kept a tight control on the running supply.

The pack were enthused by the early introduction of a perfectly formed Japanese stimulus package with both the Kin and the Yen making initial gains.
G Balls lead the bulls up as the Hash Index made an early climb. But it is G-Spot who is now under investigation by the ICAC, the correllations between Hash runs destroying the hillside followed by Fugro’s next slope stabilisation job is clearly more than coincidence.
Eunuch and Mango with their blind faith in Asian Funds made significant gains and led a strong rally towards the city, but as the market unravelled it was the rush to commodities and particularly the beach that attracted the interest of Stingray.
Dingaling, a sound investor, had been led by his dog all the way and this was proving to be profitable strategy as both were looking solidly in credit for the night.
Only Velcro had cashed out her chips early, on a night when the GM’s monetary easing and cutting of the fence rate had seen most of the hash well in control of their own destinies.
It was then that Why so Syria, so impressed by the solid financial control of the NT Hash, announced that he had to spread the knowledge back to the bastions of Wall street and that his last outing, in two weeks time, would be an exercise in total control and would make this run look like the 1920s crash.
A collection for the under privileged and a few drinks later the Hash and the day were put to bed.
Smug hare

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