Run 1588 / report Run 1587

Run 1588

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Leafy Glade
Hare: Dram

Run 1587
On Out, Why So Syria
By Mango Groove

The lofty Why So Syria, cousin to John Cleese

It was a hot, sultry night when the N2TH3 brethren gathered at a pagoda in the eastern New Territories near Chevalier Gardens or, as the locals call it, Tai Shui Hang.

Why So Syria greeted us for it was his first and final stint as hare, as well as his final run, before returning to take up his duties in the Middle East as an operative under deep cover States as a soccer coach.

There was a potential cock-up in that ageing gay bandits Kowloon Hash had run from the very same spot two days earlier. However, the hare confirmed that he had seen no evidence of trail, despite walking over from Sai Kung.

As usual, not too many people were paying attention (in particular Mango) during the hare’s briefing, and they missed this subtle insight.

So off we went, into the village and up the side of a stream, then up the hill, Eunuch in the lead, Mango following. That was the last we saw of Eunuch. His torch went out at the top of the hill and he decided to follow the KH3 trail down to Ma On Shan village and back.

The trail returned down the hill by another path, through the estate, across the river and down the road to a check. This had a devious loop of trail through shiggy. Then it was under the highway, along the side and back via a subway to the bucket.
Plod short cut at the beginning and missed out the hill. FAIL.
Mango kept misinterpreting trail markings as he failed to pay attention to the instructions at the start. FAIL.
Golden Balls took up the rear with a puttering torch borrowed from Plod. FAIL.
G-Spot tried a bit of front running and then failed. FAIL.
Stingray tried to recruit a long-haired Keeganesque Chinaman but failed when he called him Indian. FAIL.
One Eyed Jack long cut. FAIL.
Eunuch eventually made it back 45 minutes after everybody else. FAIL.

Verdict: good short run for a sweltering nigh. Temperature was still above 30 when we all fled the sight around 10.

FOYC Why So Syria!!!

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