Run 1590 / report Run 1589

Run 1590

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Waste ground near Pok Oi Hospital / Sun Kwong Hotel
On on: Sawadee Thai Restaurant
Hare: Big Moany
Park: Waste ground
Train: West Rail to Yuen Long, walk half a mile along Castle Peak Road

Next run: July 17 / Bogbrush. The hareline

Run 1589
Snakes Alive!
By Golden Balls

Fartypants = Hung Shui Kiu. And so it proved. Arriving at the park behind the daipaidongs – the same one in whose toilet a few years back I was asked by a dusky chummy if I “like hash”, to which I of course rambled on about having just done “a hash in the hills”, much to his bewilderment – we encountered the sight of Walky Talky parading around in floury short-shorts. Very suspicious. “Virgin trail!” proclaimed the hare, to which we said, “A likely story,” “Piffle,” and other less repeatable expletives, for the hare had only just got off the plane from Heathrow.

We set off that night for the hills in the east, a strangely ambling small pack. Markings testified to the hare’s drowsiness: loads of them all together, then nothing for a few hundred metres. It was during one of these markless interludes we discovered why. Arrows had thoughtfully been drawn under lamp-posts, but on the far side of the post from the lamp, in the post’s shadow, rendering them practically invisible.

All too soon we hit the road winding up towards the old quarry, Eunuch and Mango Groove setting the pace. I was in a fast-walking trio with One Eyed Jack and G-Spot. “I know why I’m walking, but what about you two?” I asked. G-Spot moaned about his big toe, while One Eyed Jack remained darkly, ominously silent. I suspected the worst.

A clever check-back up a flight of steps had us heading out on a path along a sort of broad platform in the quarry face. This was indeed virgin trail. As we zig-zagged up the quarry face the centipedes were out in force, and it was while G-Spot and I were admiring one of these giant copper nightmares that One Eyed Jack ghosted silently away, never to be seen again.

At the top of the quarry, coiled by a culvert, was a rufous burrowing snake. Very lethargic, and G-Spot

had no trouble chivvying it into the culvert with a stick. Trail then went through the fence into a lightly wooded area, where we encountered a very lively common wolf snake. It was very interested in us and kept making a bee-line for one or the other. It was when I was trying to ease past and it came racing towards me that I got tangled up in the branches of a tree. The resulting St Vitus dance was made much of in the circle.
Down a long wooded track and out into yards. No trail for a while, but that was nothing new. G-Spot went back to look and I carried on, thinking I was heading towards the park. Wrong! I ended up in Yuen Long and had to come back all the way along Castle Peak Road, having done a massive long-cut (several km). The only consolation was that One Eyed Jack had done the same.

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