Run 1592 / report Run 1591

Run 1592

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Hi Tech Centre, Sheung Shui industrial area
Hare: Liberace

Liberace has announced the start early – but that’s no guarantee he’s recced anything! Let the adventure begin…

Next run: July 31, joint run with LSW starting at Cornwall Street playground, Kowloon Tong, 7pm.

The hareline

Run 1591
The Bogbrush Jinx
By Gunpowder Plod

Bogbrush, yesterday

The RA really cocked this one up – or was it a deliberate effort to ensure that the “Bogbrush Jinx” was repeated? You remember; Tai Mo Shan where everyone lost trail and did their own thing and Lam Tsuen where there was no in trail. 
Anyway, poor old Bogbrush, who had gone into a catatonic fizzy when reminded by GB at a Hung Shui Kiu daipaidong on Sunday that he was the hare and choked on his fourth chicken foot in garlic, eventually decided on Tai Po Kau Forest in favour of the San Wai Ranges (the scene of yet another Bogbrush currimus interruptus courtesy of the PLA). 
So off he set to lay trail no. 1 in the afternoon; washed out by downpour. Undeterred, he returned with more flour (glutinous this time) and double-strength Park n Rob bog roll and laid trail no. 2. Mango was obviously by now into his stride, mumbling voodoo curses over a bowl of fresh roadkill, and the heavens reopened, turning Tai Po Kau Forest into a hilly Bangladesh monsoon flood. Golden Ball gets a call: “Oh woe is me!” wails Bogbrush, so GB suggests he leave a soggy message in the pagoda telling everyone to go to the King’s Belly instead.
The message is passed on by GB and we get a reasonable turnout; the usual Belly inebriates plus Bogbrush, Salesman, Chemical Ali, Tintin, Dram, Mango, Stingray and Gunpowder Plod, with GB and OEJ having cried off to go on the piss at the Gold Coast? 
By now the rain has eased off (Mango wants to run) so off we go on a non-hash run, just the three of us: Mango, Stingray and Plod. And a nice little run it was, Mango and Stingray jogging along cosily in front, holding hands and discussing UK house prices and mortgages, with Plod shuffling along behind, wheezing and gasping and yelling “Wait for me!” every 5 minutes. We ran up Tai Po Road and then down behind 23 Railways Cuttings, East Cheam, under the railway and back and around the Tai Po riverside with Plod shooting into the lead on smelling the pub.
We had a circle, Plod flogged a few Little Red Swear Books and we all went home happy.

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