Run 1593 / Report Run 1592

Run 1593 – July 31, 2013 – 7pm start

7pm – please note early start time
Cornwall Street Playground, Kowloon Tong. Instructions say Kowloon Tong MTR Exit C1
Hare: Hopeless
Three trails: Long 7.7km / medium / short 5km

There will be on-site pizza at about $100/head
Showers nearby
May be a Gispert T-shirt, price unknown

This is a joint run with Little Sai Wan to celebrate the birthday one of the founders of hashing, A.E.I. Gispert. We’ll join their cash system (run $10, then $10 a beer and $5 a softie) so it’s a FREE(ish) run for us

Next hare: Monkey Shit, August 7. The hareline.

Run 1592
Braying for Deliverance
By Gunpowder Plod

It was with trembling knees and trepidation that I turned up by the river in Sheung Shui for another Liberace run. Nightmares of his previous unreccied trails haunted me; the near vertical ascent and descent through thorns and dusty stream beds of Kau Lung Hang, the wading through the crap and junk strewn hillsides, cesspools and backyards of Taipo. Golden Balls loves this shit, I wonder why….
Anyway, there I found One Eyed Jack with his legs up on the steering wheel trying to cram himself into his new Nike shorts. I parked myself on his back seat while he completed his contortions but was overwhelmed by his wild flower in-car deodorant. Note to self: must get some to overcome lingering scent of WhySoSyria and Britarse’s shorts in Suzuki.
Gradually the hare and pack gathered in the gloom of the industrial estate, a truly lovely start and circle location which will take some beating: Liberace, OEJ with the buckets, Golden Balls and Jelly, Mango, and finally, as Mango and Golden Balls were winding me up by telling me that Motormouth could not be banned from a hash, a figure emerged from the pollution with a bouffant hairdo and tasteful pink top. “Oh No!! It’s HER!!” I brayed, thinking it was indeed Motormouth coming to harangue and curse me in person. But no, massive relief, it was only Stingray with his stylish mullet and waddle.
Liberace in ancient circle with Teddy Bear

So, after a briefing from Liberace: “Shot twail, no shiggy, no hill, flour n chalk, back 40 minutes” about which I was deeply suspicious, we set off with the usual suspects in the van (no, not Liberace’s van you ignorant tossers) and across the railway bridge to the east. Here OEJ and Stingray took the lift down in pursuit of Mango on the stairs, giving Golden Jelly and I two fingers each on the CCTV as they descended.
The trail led us through some nice parkland and tree and pantechnicon-lined avenues with some good checks which kept us more or less together. Then it was over a footbridge for me while most of the pack short-cut over a central divider to a check where we ran around for hours but failed to find trail. So we made our own way on home in, lo and behold, 40 minutes, Golden Jelly sashaying in 10 minutes later, saying we should have taken a little track off to the left that nobody noticed, which went around the back of her old alma mater Fung Kai, the school with the vastest playing fields in all Hong Kong.
Pre-circle drinking included a free Little Red Swear Book (plug) for Liberace; “Ha Ha! Commulists will kill you!” and my conducting a “Police! Don’t move” raid on the card players in the back of a nearby lorry. Fatty, the eventual winner, was not amused.
Salesman arrived and duly set off on trail. A riotous and stimulating circle then ensued with myself and Mango reducing the pack to quivering lumps of mirth before Salesman returned 30 minutes later.
On on to next run with the lesser hash in Kowloon Tong.

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