Run 1598 / Report Run 1597

Run 1598, September 4, 2013

Run starts 7.30pm
Hong Lok Yuen – small road next to the railway bridge
Park in small road
Taxi from Tai Wo station, around $20
Hare: Tangerine Dream – birthday run

Next run: September 11, Luk Sup Gow. China visa required

Run 1597
A Warp in the Park

Hare Mango Groove promised a flat 45-minute run with a tall shiggy section. Eight runners trotted auspiciously out of Fanling Recreation Ground and turned left towards Sheung Shui. A jaunt around some old village tenements with a big pond and some cannons. The pack split: Velcro Lips went back to the start; G-Spot, Eunuch and Stingray sniffed out trail; One Eyed Jack, Salesman and Dingaling missed it; and Golden Balls was walking anyway. It all looked a bit like the trail Salesman set for SKH3 a couple of months back, so why he didn’t go up the big pedestrian bridge over the highway and railway towards the hills was a mystery. As it was, the ambulating Balls led the Salesband over the bridge and despite walking managed to stay within sight of the inept trio as they made mistake after mistake. Then it was the shiggy, a trampled path up through undergrowth past graves, over the crest of a hill and down the other side. GB could see Salesman ahead as they approached the west side of Fanling station and the finish – then Salesman disappeared! GB found trail heading north along the cycling track and could see Dingaling and Sam the mutt in front of him. Then they disappeared! GB thought it was deja vu all over again as he recognised bits of the trail from some other run – or was it this one? An utterly confused GB finally got back to the park as a revolt was setting in: Stingray’s increasingly bewildering beer selection had the punters up in arms. No decent grog! Luckily GB had a bottle of wine in his bag, just by chance, and proceeded to neck it. Salesman took charge of the circle and turned it into a debate on something unforgettably esoteric. After five minutes he wondered idly if we had a hare. Mango poured cold Skol (the best of the beer on offer), a general anti-hashness prevailed and nobody did silly hashy things. Instead we all had a bloody good larf.

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