Run 1601 / Report Run 1600

Run 1601

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Kam Tin area
Hares: One Hung Lo, Hard Up

Next hare: October 2, Luk Sup Gow
Note: NOT a Shenzhen run as it’s a public holiday in China and LSG has the luxury of setting a run in Hong Kong
The hareline

Run 1600
Coming East With A Salty Wad In My Eye
By Go West

Gosh! What an honour I had bestowed on me when our illustrious GM coerced me to write something about the 1600th run. Makes that 16-hour flight on Air China for one of my regular pilgrimages to Hong Kong well worth it.

Great choice of venue for our 1600th run – a pub. And probably the best pub in Tai Po, no less – The King’s Belly. We all assembled and listened in on the hare’s not so brief briefing, in which he admitted the markings would be of that lesser hash from Sai Kung. For extra guidance, orange ribbons tied on trees were definitely on trail. So chalk arrows may not be?

We set off heading south and eventually climbed up through Ha Wong Yi Au Village and into shiggy

 and on up to the abandoned Sheung Wong Yi Au Village

. The trail was well marked with tricky checks which kept the pack together. It turns out the hare got lost


 The pack stayed together until we came back onto the road near Savannah Garden and the pace quickened with Mango racing to the front. Moonie headed off down to Sea View Villas before realising he had gone wrong. He decided he’d had enough and went straight back to the pub down Tai Po Road, ignoring the markings so that he could get to the beer first. Mango and Salesman continued to race, followed by Walkie Talkie, One Eyed Jack and Dingaling. The trail veered off Tai Po Road through Trackside Villas and under the Tolo Highway and back along the cycle track to the pub. 

The hash was won by Salesman, despite the best cheating efforts of Mango who decided not to follow the safety of the subways at the Kwong Fuk crossroads, and instead took on the traffic along the road. 

Our GM conducted the circle with the usual hash chaos. His research had shown some relevance to our hash run number that in 1600 the British East India Co was chartered and Jimi Hendrix died on 18th September in 1970. Most hashers weren’t really listening to this though, and were instead discussing what outfits they would wear at this year’s hash Christmas party, with bible themes seeming to be the most popular. Several non-runners joined us, including Farty, Victim, Golden Balls, Overdue, Tangerine Dream and Ginger M


n. Eunuch was there at the start of the run, but went home claiming sickness (poof) and Bogbrush was loitering in the wings, but disappeared inexplicably.

In all, a great night’s hashing. I look forward to my next visit when I can run with the best hash in the World again. Hoorah!

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