Run 1605 / AGM Heads-up

Apologies for the lack of posts here – I’ve been away for a month. Normal service is now resumed, at least until the AGM on November 6, when some other sucker can be voted (que?) into the job!

Talking of the AGM, here’s a heads-up: It’ll be at Fanling Police Tactical Unit, the boot camp for our beret-clad boys in blue. Here, they run mountains, lift weights and learn the joys of body searching. We, on the other hand, will brazenly bring our birds and battybitches onto their turf, drink beer and show how real men embarass themselves. Then we’ll go for a run. Afterwards there’ll be a police (not Shaffi’s) curry. Ex-battyfuzzman Gunpowder Plod is behind this extravaganza, but the clumsy oaf is in hospital going under the knife today after tripping over some dog and rupturing some tendon or other. Let’s wish him a speedy recovery so he can be at the AGM. Because we really want that curry and we can’t have it if he’s not there. Get well soon, GM! In the meantime, RA Mango Groove will be setting the run.

Plod needs to know
a) number of attendees
b) ID card numbers of attendees
c) car registration numbers for parking

You’d think we were visiting some high-security paramilitary training establishment.

Back to tonight’s run. After a brief chat with Eunuch, I believe he’s using the shelter a few hundred metres before the main dam, comme ca:

But I could be wrong. And he advises bringing a torch. I wonder why…

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