1611, Tai Hang, 4 December 2013




Tai Hang

Hare: Moonie

The run is an A to B. Make your way to the sitting out area/small park in front of the temple  where I set a run from, about a month ago. Then it will be load up in one or two cars, depending on numbers, and off to the start. Run distance is approximately 7.5 km. It is well within the capabilities of all N2TH3 runners although there is a bit of shiggy. Obviously, NO wimps/rambos split. If I get stuck, I may have to live hare. Shortcut at your own risk!!! (You have been warned…….. OEJ) If you are thinking of shortcutting because you “KNOW” where you are going, then please make sure you take some taxi fare!!!

Torches with good batteries are recommended. If you are squeamish about the shiggy, then you can wear leggings I suppose.

It will be marked with paper, flour and chalk. ALL white.

This is probably the last decent run of the year before we start the Crimbo festivities and some disappear to other places for the holidays. So lets have a bit of effort and complete the run.

Directions to the start. (Pick up point)

If driving, turn left at the Hong Lok Yuen junction. Stay on the Tai Wo Service Rd West, through the ‘dog-leg, past the bus stops on both sides and on for about 100mtrs then turn left. (When you turn left onto the service road, it is the 4th turning on the left. This map only shows 3 turnings to the left, but there are actually 4!). I will mark it in with chalk from this junction.

Both the 25A and 25B both go down this road from Tai Po, but you obviously need to get off the bus at this junction.

Any probs, then phone me on 6907 6331, or, if you think you are going to be late. (That way we can have a chuckle as we set off without you!)



This is the sitting-out area in front of the temple thingy.

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