1615, Lam Tsuen, January 1

House-to house Afternoon Run:

It started at Dingaling’s with 11 and finished at Moonie’s with 32, taking in Dram’s and Chemical Ali’s along the way, with the entire route A to D taking five hours. A great way to start the year, a stroll through picturesque rural landscape in glorious January sunshine. Moonie’s magic drinks cabinet was the star of the show with its single malts, liqueurs and even a bottle of vodka with flakes of pure drinkable gold floating around inside, courtesy of Desperate Dan, who was desperately drunk. But special mention goes to Overdue, VD and Tangerine Dream for their immaculate efforts on the food front. For lo, they spreadst a banquet in our sight on tables groaning with goodness, while Dram’s parsimonious sausages and Famous Grouse provided a welcome relief from the epicurean abundance.


First, apologies for the lack of activity in the last few weeks. Normal service is now resumed with the approach of the new year. And the first run of 2014 takes place on New Year’s Day. It’s a 1pm start.

This is an afternoon run/walk/ramble around the villages of the central New Territories, visiting hashers’ houses on an A to B trail. At each stop the host hasher will provide some simple scoff and booze, while the next host lays trail to his/her house. We’ll finish up at B with a circle and some more scoff and booze.

Start time is 1pm at Dingaling and Overdue’s house In San Uk Tsai behind Leafy Glade. Address is 83A San Uk Tsai. The maps below show location and access. You can actually drive or walk in from the west – the blank area just west of number 78 is paved. Bus number 64K from Yuen Long or Tai Po goes along Lam Kam Road.

Hosts are, in no particular order: Dingaling/Overdue; Zimmerframe/Mahali; Eunuch/Auntie Septic; Moonie/Tangerine Dream; Dram/T-Bird; Chemical Ali/VD.

It is suggested that if you’re not a host you could bring something to eat or drink at B. Being a hash, B is of course a secret, but bring your contribution to A and it’ll be magically transported to B.

If you drive and park at the start you’ll have to walk or taxi it back to your car, a couple of kilometres, or we may be able to arrange some sort of transportation.

83A Tymon's gaff

Weather forecast: 13-18 degrees, sunny!

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