1617, Kam Sheung Road, 15 January







That Toffee Moment


Crash Test Dummy aka Canto Felch Fellow rode to the rescue of the stricken Northern by inviting us to his Little Sai Wan run at Kam Sheung Road station. We arrived at 7.25 to learn he was still out setting trail. Speculation immediately turned to whether he had gone up the 582 steps (I counted!) to Bonehead’s ridge and, if so, had he swung west and encountered the SKH3 markings still fresh from Sunday? The injured, gorgeous and pouting was there Shiggy Gaga minding a pile of LSW bags, Catch of the Day who set off to sweep the run, and some chalk scrawlings suggesting there was a wimps run of 6.5km and a laughable rambos option of 11km. The posse of LSW runners, about a dozen of them, had set off keen as mustard at 7.10. Like good Northerners we waited for the convoy (of one it turned out) arrived from Hong Lok Yuen, unloaded the beer and then waited for Eunuch to strap his hydraulic ankle on. While we chatted and drank beer Bobbledick and Indyanus come puffing out of the station, stripped off and, wild-eyed, went charging into the hills. We took this bizarre display of enthusiasm in good humour and finally jogged off at 7.55: Eunuch, Dingaling, Mango Groove, Walky Talky, Dylan, One Eyed Jack, Stingray and Golden Balls.

As expected, straight up the steps, then along the ridge swinging east, and a fairly predictable descent down to the catchwater. A nice if well-trodden trail although a long run-in on hardtop for the rambos, but a pleasant enough way to work up a thirst. Eunuch had the comment of the evening, and it deserves repetition here: “You know how everything in your body rebels against running on flat surfaces? It’s like everything is hard and brittle with bits of grit, but after a while you reach that toffee moment and start to flow…” Other people call it endorphins…

When everybody was back we stood around our espies brimming with ice-cold Tsingtao while LSW stood around their bin-liners with their few sad lukewarm tininess, enjoying the cut and thrust of witty inter-hash repartee. Well, not really. A few non-runners joined our ranks: Golden Jelly, who spent most of the time in her car because it was freezing cold, and Fartypants, who had been spotted even before the run hiding in his car. A message came in from GM Salesman saying he was in Macau and had no idea why. Soon it was time for LSW to go for dinner and song, while we had our boisterous circle around the espies, joined by Catch of the Day, Motormouth and Anal Invitation from the ranks of the LSW.

Muchas gracias to Crash Test Dummy, Catch of the Day and Little Sai Wan for the run.

Crash Test Dummy and cohorts at a wig convention

Kam Sheung Rd

Wednesday, January 15


Kam Sheung Road West Rail station

Hares: Cantopop Felch Fellow, Catch of the Day

Get there: Plenty of parking outside the station, which is on the MTR West Rail line for those on public transport.

Hare says: This is a Little Sai Wan run, Canto and I are live hares and they will start the run at 7pm. Exit D and follow the chalk. NT Hash guys can start at your normal time and just follow the trail. Afterwards, you can do your own circle or join LSW circle at the on-on.

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