1618, Kowloon Reservoir, January 22

Too Much Monkey Business

By Mango Groove

Vermin swarming around freebies
Vermin swarming around freebies

Turning up at the start, the small car park just before the country park entrance, the hare, One Eyed Jack, Eunuch and Mango were the only attendees on this very cold night.  Dram was nicely wrapped up but One Eyed Jack looked like he was off to a beach party.  Anyway after waiting for the hare to call Stingray and realizing both Golden Balls and Salesman were going to arrive later the three hashers listened to the instructions.  Now, it went something like this  “Well we should blame Golden Balls for this because I suggested several locations but he said we should run here tonight cos we haven’t been here for a while…. now my run has been stolen by two other hash groups”  Yes! Indeed the Wanchai Hash had their 140oth run in the same location on Sunday, followed by the Kowloon Hash on Monday. The hare continued “Now I have used arrows and checks with an N, with blobs of flour, sometimes I have put an N next to my blobs of flour and it took me over two hours to set.”

the pack
Vermin swarming around freebies

So off the three hashers went, across the road and left down into the country park before climbing up the first set of steps to a check.  Mango and One Eyed Jack, having done the Kowloon on Monday figured that the correct trail was left from the check, but as usual Eunuch caught sight of a bit of shiggy and went straight up. The trail did go left and along some trail with a couple of checks that we quickly solved as we eventually came out at a junction with a check giving us the option of running back down the road or upwards, but what really got to us was the number of police vehicles that were patrolling this part of the country park. Eunuch managed to work out that trail would take us further up whereas One Eyed Jack worked his way back home at this point.  There then followed a long climb up taking us up past the lookout hut and after a couple of checks to just below the beacon with the red light.  It was here, at a two way check, that the double act of Eunuch and Mango showed what complete buffoons they really are. Eunuch checked left, found trail, but came back saying that he did not see an “N”, whereas Mango proudly announced he knew that the trail must go straight and all the way back down to the reservoir, because that is the only direction we can go and we did the same on Monday. We later found out that the trail should have gone left.  Anyway both Eunuch and Mango worked their way back down to the dam on home in about an hour and ten minutes, only to meet Golden Balls and Salesman surrounded by small baby monkeys begging for crisps. After standing around for a little bit and watching several cars pull in to the car park with either courting couples frustrated to see a hash in their snog zone, or people dropping off food for the monkeys (one geezer dropped off two large sacks of sliced white bread!!) a circle was eventually formed, with notable down downs for the hare and Mango for his 800th run. After the circle we stood around admiring Salesman new Porsche but got very cold, so we decided to call it a night. Once again another great run by Dram.

Kowloon Reservoir

Start at the Kowloon Reservoir car park on Tai Po Road

Time: 7.30pm

Hare: Dram

Bus nos. 72 (Tai Wo-Cheung Sha Wan) and 81 (Wo Che-Jordan) go past there, as does the “red” minibus.