1626, King’s Belly, 19 March 2014


By Gunpowder Plod

Tai Po 1949

Gunpowder Plod’s 67th birthday “run with a difference” had everybody guessing – and the difference was NO MARKINGS. Instead the pack was given 60 minutes to discover the answers to 22 questions – including “How many mickey mice at Golden Balls’ monument?” – with penalties for late return.

The pack meandered into the King’s Belly and, in Velcro Lips’ case, meandered out, never to be seen again. The remainder listened attentively to Plod’s briefing and went off at 7.45 clutching their clue sheets and maps and scratching their heads while Plod tucked into a nice burger and Dram and LSG supped ale and nattered about lost planes, loose women and tight skirts and Scotsmen.

All but one shuffled back in on or nearly on time and the results were:

Mango 24

Eunuch 22

Stingray 17-5 = 12

OEJ 17-5 = 12

GB 3

Then we all realised that Catch of the Day, who had prepared for the event by drinking 3/4 bottle of plonko rosso, had not returned. So…we started the circle without her. There being only minor functionaries from the N2TH3 committee (appointed by former GM Plod), Plod took charge and gave various down downs including to Mango for upsetting a couple copulating in the tower and to Golden Balls for trying to work out all the answers while hiding at the far end of the bar.

Catch of the Day finally came in after two hours, obviously the worse for wear, scoring 15-60 = -45 and complaining that she should have been given the clues in Japanese. Cutie then bounced into the circle after her all smiling and sweaty, which the rest of us found slightly suspicious….

King's Belly

Date: Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Time: 7.30pm

Place: King’s Belly, Tai Po

Hare: Gunpowder Plod

Parking: Metered parking just outside King’s Belly

MTR: 5 minutes walk from Tai Po station

Hare says: It’ll be a run with a difference

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