Run 1627, Kam Tin, 26 March 2014

Kam Tin

Date: Wednesday, 26 March, 2014

Time: 7.30pm

Place: Kat Hing Wai playground, Kam Tin (next to the walled village)

Get there: Short walk from Kam Sheung Rd MTR station

Park: Wherever you can find space

Hare: Fartypants

Hare says: Possible mystery returnee who I also hope to cajole into SPing…assuming the plane gets to Beijing first. On on planned at the Kam Tin pigeonsula.

Receding hareline

1627 April 2 hare needed

1628 April 5 Golden Balls (Saturday 2.30pm)

1629 April 9 hare needed

1630 April 16 Liberace

1631 April 23 Velcro Lips

1632 April 30 Dram

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