Run 1629, Tai Mo Shan, 5 April 2014

A Momentous Day

By Dram

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The run at Tai Mo Shan marked the first of what is intended to be regular (around every two months) Saturday runs by N2TH3 ( the normal weekly N2TH3 runs will continue to be held every Wednesday evening).

Golden Balls and Golden Jelly were hares for this first run which was well attended by a goodly number of hashers, including GB’s mate Nick, supported by 5 dogs. The start was at a sitting out area near the Tai Mo Shan upper carpark. The weather was glorious and after a long-winded and somewhat confusing briefing by GB (recordings are available for those with sleep difficulties) the pack set off up the steep paved road for a kilometre or so before the trail branched off on to well marked paths along the grassed hillside. This gave a good opportunity for the more able bodied among us (not me) to break into a run. Perfect hashing territory but this wasn’t to last as after a couple of kilometres the trail went into some of the densest bush (up to about two metres in height and no defined paths) I’ve encountered in all my days of hashing. Trail was marked by toilet paper and after stumbling a few times I found chalk markings on the ground/rocks. Goodness knows why the latter markings, as the bush was so thick it was almost impossible to see the ground let alone any chalk markings. This section of the run (400 metres ?) took considerable effort to get through but we finally broke through on to open hillside and the wimp/rambo split. I took the former but both trails appeared relatively easy to follow and after some splendid trail running joined together again for the on home back down the paved service road.

Golden Jelly had arranged an excellent selection of cold beers and softies as well snacks. After milling about chatting for an hour during which the GM deigned to turn up with is family it was decided to hold the circle and not wait any longer for the laggard runners, Velcro and Indy, who waltzed in almost immediately, the latter bleeding from leg wounds. The pack broke up about 6pm with many heading off for an on on in Kam Tin.

An excellent day and sincerest thanks to the hares Golden Balls and Golden jelly for their great efforts.

The second Saturday run will be hared by Stingray at an as yet undetermined date in about two months.

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