Hashy Stuff Coming

All China Nash Hash / June 13-15, 2014

Xiamen – a pleasant place. This is an eminently do-able event from Hong Kong

Link to event website

Logistics: high-speed train from Shenzhen North to Xiamen, about 3 hours 45 minutes. Return the same way. Stay at Bailuzhou Hotel on the lake, which is the hash registration venue, half an hour by taxi from the train station

Cost estimate:

Early Bird registration (until April 30) RMB600 = $750; May 1 onwards RMB800

Train return ticket US$62 = $485

Hotel @ RMB310-458 (Beijing Hash package) = $390-570/night = $780-1140 / weekend

Total $2015-2375 (based on early bird registration), plus visa cost.

The organisers are having problems with Internet and you are advised to contact Vince Lee personally at saexp@hotmail.com

Jakarta Hash Challenge

Team event involving 42km of hashing outside Jakarta. Local Turd, who ran with us a couple of weeks ago, put us on to this. He’s in a team with Billy Jizz. If interested, best go through him: mike_1959@hotmail.com

Link to event website

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