Run 1632, A Kung Kok Shan, 23 April 2014

Wherefore Art Thou…

By Golden Balls


Velcro Lips’ Romeo departed these shores on the day of the run, leaving a tired and emotional Velcro to set the run on her own. Louring clouds and light but persistent rain, coupled with an incomplete recce, presented the hare with an unappetising smorgasbord of calamity covered with a big dollop of fiasco sauce. So out went the appeal for a co-hare, and, 15 minutes later, a bright and breezy Ms Lips was announcing that the run would go ahead. But who was the new Romeo?

Golden Jelly and Catch of the Day made the run smartly, arriving in good time in their car despite being women, followed by Gunpowder Plod, Eunuch, One Eyed Jack and Golden Balls in a taxi from Central. Clouds still loured and light rain still fell, only now it was dark as well. “I hope I see you again!” was the somewhat disconcerting farewell bid from Velcro as the intrepid six set off into the gloom.

I won’t describe the trail, except to say that it was excellent, 95 percent off-road on splendid trails and with enough climbing to keep you honest (high point 399 metres). Catch of the Day was the initial front-runner closely followed by Eunuch. Without a lot of checks the pack fractured very quickly, with One Eyed Jack sandwiched between the FRBs and the back-markers Golden Balls and Golden Jelly. Plod had dropped off the radar. Eunuch was back in 1:10, One Eyed Jack 1:29. It would be 1:45 before all the runners were bac

After crossing much splendid terrain the run finished on a greasy downhill section through trees to the road, and – voila! There was Velcro Lips offering a lift to the very muddy yet strangely gilded back-markers. “Are we still friends?” she enquired earnestly. For she was sore afraid she had pissed off the pack with an awful run.

On the contrary. A great run, and one that is to be repeated for Shek Kong Hash on Sunday, May 4. If you missed it on the Northern, make sure you catch it on the lesser hash.

And Romeo was – who would have thought? – Plod.


Some sort of gay verse virus seems to be spreading. Dram succumbed first with his A Momentous Day, now it’s Plod. This is what he subjected the stoic pack to after the run.

Plod's Song


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