Run 1635, Leafy Glade, 14 May 2014

The Mango Stingray Show

After the accusation and counter-accusation of who was on the right trail, where and how, Mango and Stingray decided to get lost together and went blithely on up unmarked trail “because it was going uphill and we like hills”. Eunuch, wary of the snakes that were out in force, called them back but the boys were being overbatty and carried on. And on. Eventually doing the tour of Lin Au.

Meanwhile Salesman, daughter Emily and One Eyed Jack were the first back on the relatively short Bogbrush-laid trail. Dram and Plod were the other miscreants on trail, while Golden Balls, Luk Sup Gow and Golden Jelly all showed up late for another delightful evening of philosophy at The Glade.