Run 1641, Yuen Long, 25 June 2014

That Yuen Long Ridge Again


Walky Talky recycled her run for Shek Kong of a few months ago, but with a better finish. From the park opposite Yoho trail went out along the nullah, under the highway and turned right. After about half a mile a check took us left into the village and soon we were pushing through high overgrown vegetation on an invisible concrete path that it was easy to miss and roll your ankle on the edge. Then followed a bit more village trail during which I encountered Eunuch coming back from a wrong check, followed by Catch Of The Day, Kiwi and Liberace. Dingaling, Mango Groove, Stingray and One Eyed Jack had solved the check properly and were well ahead. We started to climb up through the graveyards and grasslands until gaining the ridge. It was hot, humid and very slippery underfoot, but great views and a cooling breeze on the ridge made up for it. This is a splendid little trail, seldom hiked despite its proximity to Yuen Long. The trig point was gained, then a slippery descent and return to the start through the villages. GB short cut, meaning that after his long cut on the Shek Kong run he has yet to complete this trail. Kiwi went missing but some gent went out to guide her home. Non-runners Fartypants, Overdue, Sam Miguel, 69K and Golden Jelly turned up for the circle, conducted by Dingaling in the absence of the committee seniors. A splendid trail by Walky Talky.

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