Run 1649, Wo Hop Shek, 13 August 2014



Eunuch’s keenly anticipated Tai Mo Shan run, high up in the cool mountain air, was scuttled by incessant and sometimes torrential rain alongside brown-trouser lightning, and so the hare took the better part of valour, strangled it, gobbed on its face and shoved it up the RA’s arse. in the end it didn’t rain on the run but after a last-minute call to meet at Hong Lok Yuen for a surprise run only the usual suspects turned up: Mango Groove, Liberace, Stingray, Golden Balls and Catch Of The Day.

Off the convoy drove on a mile-long traverse to Wo Hop Shek roundabout, where we parked up and gave Eunuch 15 minutes grace to live-hare the run. Up the hill to the cemetery gates, then – unintuitively – up the hill again to the end of the road, through some nice wet shiggy and down a steep slick slope. Plenty of skiddies performed here. Then it was over the highway on a footbridge, over the railway line, onto the cycle track and through a muddy building site out to Cowpat Road. Another ascent up the flanks of Bird Hill and a tricky descent brought the trail back to the outskirts of Fanling and the on-home for Eunuch’s “runette” (his words). Only GB and Liberace short-cut the trail but everybody was back at pretty much the same time to wheel the trolley of eskies and bevvy up to the hexagonal pagoda in the park – a real pagoda with two levels. 

An evening salvaged.

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