Run 1664, Fung Yuen, 12 November 2014

Girl Power.. Two Virgins and a New GM

 By Mango Groove

He shall henceforth be known as…
This week was the first run of the new committee and Moonie was hare, stepping in at the last minute. Arriving at Tangerine Dream’s and Moonie’s place,you could see a packed crowd. Returnees Go West, Desperate Dan and All the Way were in attendance alongside two spanking new virgins, Joanne (friend of Tooth Hurty) and Jenny (met some of our geezers in a pub in Tai Po). One notable absentee at the start was Golden Balls whom his brother Shamus O’Pressed assured us “should have been here by now.”

As new GM Velcro Lips called for attention, Moonie said something about a rambo / wimp split and a small hill on the rambos but nothing to worry about. The pack ran back down onto Fung Yuen Road with an immediate left into the village while Serbian Bomber did his best to be an FRB by trying to outrun Walkie Talkie. A couple checks later saw us running out of the village, onto the main road and onto a rambo / wimp split with the rambos looking as if we were going up Cloudy Hill. At this point new runner Joanne removed her outer jacket when running behind Serbian Bomber, probably because she was overheating at the sight of a rather large bloke wearing extra small shorts. Also around this point on the trail Eunuch in conversation with Go West: “I think the strategy for tonight is to keep a lookout for chalk arrows.”

As we headed outwards, a check at the base of the Cloudy Hill steps fooled Mango, Salesman and Catch of the Day, who figured there was no way we were going up Cloudy Hill tonight and Moonie has probably found some sneaky trail around the lower regions. Anyway all three were wrong, badly wrong, leaving Eunuch and Go West holding hands and skipping happily up the steps to another check that went straight on. The second group behind were joined by Stingray, Ah Duck and Shamus O’Pressed. As for everyone else, this week’s scribe did not see where they went, as he had to be awarded bufoon of the week because on seeing COTD coming back from a check halfway up Cloudy declared she hadn’t checked far enough and it can only go all the way to the top. Mango actually kept going, but realised something was wrong when he didn’t see any lights behind him after 10 minutes. Yes, the trail actually went right and down some quality trail with a two way split next to an old man’s house. He seemed very polite as he ushered us through and Salesman happily informed him the war was over.

The trail took us down through some forest and back onto the overgrown trail behind Fung Yuen village, with a gentle run home.  Several hashers were back and already tucking into the crisps (yes Plod!!!). Liberace was a late arrival and Golden Balls did make it but got carried away showing off his plasters and bandages that he totally forgot to get changed and do the run.

After some drinkies, it was time for the circle…what a circle. Numerous down downs from our new GM Velcro, most notably Go West getting investigated by the ICAC – apparently he has been selling dodgy ginger hair dye; COTD with her Icky Icky down downs; and Ah Duck finally getting named “Oranguwang” due to his exploits with COTD whilst checking out a hash trail. After the downs downs were concluded Tangerine Dream laid on some grub and then it was home time.

Must be said: great evening, superb run, superb circle and superb beer.

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