Run 1676, 28 January 2015, So Kwun Wat

Crash Course

By One Eyed Jack

so-what-babyThe pack gathered: Penile Dementia, James, Liberace, Oneyejack, Velcro Lips, Golden Jelly, Mango, Catch Of The Day and her mum with a very late comer of Eunuch.

There was a short briefing, and as Stingray was off playing golf there were no interruptions! As usual both Mango and Liberace did not pay attention.

The trail went off up towards the reservoir, a couple of checks later it was on up to the catchwater to a checkback. Mango and Liberace had not a clue as to where to find trail. OEJ being such a knowledgeable hasher found the solution. A gravelly trail led up the hill from the right side. The only sound was a barking deer, the hashers had no wind. It meandered up and up with false summits, right at the next check and back down off the hill, eventually joining a road to another reservoir and right.  The trail then went back along the road all the way to the start. James was back last having got lost (again) close to the finish.

As the hounds were baying the GM moved the pack to the toilet block for the circle and some quiet. The RA officially refreshed the hash name of James – Crash – who hadn’t hashed for eight years until last week.

Usual culprits got their punishments:  Mango for not marking checks, as usual; Eunuch for taking 3.5 hours to get from work to the start; Penile Dementia for not remembering anything; Catch Of The Day for private circles with her mum; etc etc

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