Run 1678, 11 February 2015, Kau Lung Hang

Mow The Lawn

UNDERDONE-darwin-day copy

Eunuch special! Except his car and bike are still knackered, so it was a semi-live-hare run from his local pagoda at Kau Lung Hang. The usual suspects arrived hoping to set off at 7.30 as advertised, but after another “crisis” – yes, Catch Of The Day, in charge of the beer for this run, had failed to deliver due to work commitments – we eventually got off at 7.40 after GB and Velcro had intimidated the local daipaidong into staying open for us after the run.

Trail led out north along the track parallel to the railway, with GB, Velcro Lips, Liberace, Luk Dim Boon, Mango Groove, Catch Of The Day and (the late) One Eyed Jack comprising the small but perfectly formed pack. Eunuch is a master hare and didn’t disappoint this time as his clever checks kept the pack so together that fat bastard GB was often in front.

The route went towards Cow Pat, crossing the railway and highway on the pedestrian bridge before weaving in and out of the villages of southern Fanling. As we bobbed around parking lots, village paths and the odd rough patch, Mango observed “We’re crossing back under the highway” – yes, Eunuch had provided that rare hash thing, the figure-of-eight! But there was a sting in the tail.

As leader Liberace once again neared Cow Pat there was a rambo/wimp split. Of course he took the rambo option. Mango and GB, a few steps behind, parted company with Mango doing the rambo and GB plumping for the wimp. Not far behind, Luk Dim Boon, Catch Of The Day and (eventually) One Eyed Jack also went for the rambo. GB, upon rounding the corner 20 metres after the split, came upon the trail rejoin, which went straight through Cow Pat and on to the railway track home. Meanwhile, below in the boggy murk, he could see the rambos torches, for they had been directed into the nullah. “I tried to cross on some hairy sort of bush,” Mango admitted, “but only sank into the gunge and got my feet wet.” Luk Dim Boon, being super-athletic, managed to long-jump the nullah. Catch Of The Day scaled the vertiginous bank to regain civilised path. But the ageing Liberace disappeared down the nullah bank into the distance looking to cross at a bit where the nullah narrowed. We’ve got news for you sunshine. These things pretty much keep the same width all the way to the sea.

Meanwhile GB was gleefully trotting home, visions of gold lighting up his fevered imagination.

Yes! GB crested the tape at the daipaidong finish line, where the GM was already drinking with the hare having given up early doors. She also had a delicious ricotta and tomato tart for the noshing. Then Antiseptic turned up with a chicken curry. The shop owner was perfectly happy with this gourmandising as long as we bought our drinks from him. All agreed we should give him more business in the future. A fine effort by the hare under less than perfect circumstances. Can’t remember much about the circle except that we learned from Eunuch it was Darwin’s birthday and also Question Evolution Day – always a fun topic.

One thought on “Run 1678, 11 February 2015, Kau Lung Hang

  1. Eunuch 17/02/2015 / 2:21 pm

    Notice how the Darwin day graphic shows the reality of removing existing information as opposed to the addition of new coherent information as needed in microbes to man evolution. This is a common bait and switch tactic that all evolutionists tend to use. Sadly no-one seems to question it.

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