Run 1683, 18 March 2015, Tai Lam Tunnel Car Park

Barking On Trailfalse trail

The Run Humidity has begun to take over Hong Kong reminding Penile Dementia of his hare duties. Mango Groove was the first to arrive where he received serious slobbery tongue action by “the ugliest bulldog I’ve ever seen.” The crew met outside the toilets of Tai Lam Tunnel car park and there were early whispers in the air of plundering Velcro Lips’ “private” stash of Asahi. Trail went out towards Ho Pui village but within 15 minutes everyone was lost, confused by the false trails at a double T junction. One Eyed Jack went down a dirt road only to not call back and was never seen again. The confusion that ensued did keep everyone together and allowed the latecomers, Liberace and Catch Of The Day (and her puppy, I Ro Ha Ni Ho He To, a name which “100 percent of Japanese people will know”) time to join the search. But when the check was eventually solved it split the pack into two with Liberace, Velcro Lips, Mango Groove and Sticky Apid Bottom Exudate (and ??) getting a jump on Walky Talky, Golden Balls and Catch Of The Day. Trail was found meandering past barking dogs, narrow walkways, big stairs and kilometres of flat road running before a dirt trail back to the toilets.
The Circle One Eyed Jack was the first to get a down-down for his shitty calls. Golden Balls was called out for imitating a barking deer in the forest and scaring the GM. Then Velcro Lips discovered her beloved Asahi in the hands of Golden Balls, Mango Groove and Catch of the Day. Mango was caught asking inappropriate questions, and found out that if Sticky Apid Bottom Exudate could chose anyone in the circle to lose her virginity to it would be Catch Of The Day. Non-runner Eunuch forgot to let Catch of the Day and Liberace into his house to collect the buckets, causing them to be late which resulted in double buckets as Velcro Lips had brought some as well. It also led to Liberace kicking down Eunuch’s gate when he couldn’t get in. Eunch announced he will be on hiatus for two months with a sore Achilles under doctor’s orders. Mango keenly observed that Eunch’s previous injuries have resulted in pregnancy announcements. Everyone thought Penile Dementia was a new runner and hare. It turns out Penile Dementia forgot he’d been hashing circa 1974, accumulating over 2,000 runs. Even with 2,000 runs of experience, Penile Dementia is still slow with down-down refills.
– Sticky Apid Bottom Exudate

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