Run 1689, 15 April 2015, Kwai Chung

The Sourness of Mango


After Catch Of The Day’s now-legendary cosplay party on April 11 (hash band, cocktail mixologist, spanking, sex on the stairs and plenty of blank memories), the spritely quinquagenarian still had a keg of draught beer and much else to finish off, so she offered to set the run from her factory rooftop. A long schleck up towards Smuggler’s Ridge / Kowloon Reservoir and back down again. As the pack gathered on the rooftop after the run, swilling ale, Mango Groove was spotted 20 floors below at street level trying (and failing time after time) to enter the building, to the mirth of the lofty ones. He eventually found his way to the keg after two and three quarters hours.

Further info required on this run.

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