Run 1690, 22 April 2015, Fo Tan

When They Were Up They Were Up

Archive photo of the run site. Who do you recognise? (Answers below.)

G-Spot was on one of his breaks from the land where they practise on blowpipes and found himself piping to a different tune as the GM promptly ordered him to set a run. With no time to recce he opted for one of his stalwart run sites, the top of Sui Wo Road in Fo Tan. Would it be down then up, or up then down? And indeed would it be left or right?

After a brief stretch of Sui Wo Road it was predictably left towards the hills, but then an unexpected check took trail northwards and down towards Sha Tin. And down. And down, past the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery, almost all the way to Sha Tin Station. I was feeling mighty pleased with himself, having solved all the checks on the way down and enjoying a brief stint of unaccustomed front running, but having confidently gone for the downhill option at the check almost at the bottom of the hill I found myself right at the back when trail flip-flopped uphill from that check. Up up up all the way to the seminaries at the top of To Fung Shan and on into the hill trails. There was some lovely trail running here and I eventually caught Velcro Lips who had fallen behind the pack. We stayed together and I gallantly showed her my short cut that I knew from having lived in the area in the past: down into the ravine, across the stream (still on trail) then ignore that path going uphill and take this other one up to the ridge. Sho nuff we found trail coming down from above and followed it all the way back to the road we started from.

But just before that Penile Dementia suddenly appeared in front of us, bloodied and complaining that his ear hurt. It seems the rambo trail had taken a steep and slippery line down through bamboo and Mr Dementia had taken a tumble before rejoining the wimp trail. No worries, all superficial stuff.

Back at the pagoda, doe-eyed couples stood gazing out over the lights of Sha Tin far below, hoping to snatch a snog under the stars. They hadn’t bargained for the quip-a-minute raucousness of the Northern New Territories Hash as the GM whipped us into shape with beery humiliations. Yes, there was a constant stream of disappointed couples coming and going at this romantic aerie in the clouds.

Finest moment: the re-enactment of the (re)naming of Bukkake as Catch Of The Day performed a beerkkake on him with a can of Asahi.

– Golden Balls

Photo: Shek Kong Hash, 8 February 2004. Facing camera: Bogbrush (hare), Pieman (GM), Homo Sumo (?), Liberace, Homo Pigeon, Golden Balls

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