Run 1691, 29 April 2015, Lam Tei

The Mountainous Dunes


Under the cover of darkness, the pagoda on Fu Tei Road above Tuen Mun served as the home base for the A to A run set by Golden Jelly. After a handful of runners showed the crew set out. First stop? The beach. Not really, more like sand dunes. So up it was, up the mountainous sand dunes of Lam Tei. The first check back was reached near the top. After the sand dunes were rocky steps which led to a meandering paths through a dried-up stream and narrow uneven trails. Checks and checkbacks were quite frequent, keeping the pack together. The rambo-wimps split featured the most impressive flour “Rs” and “Ws” Tuen Mun has ever seen. The climbs that followed were steep, but not so sandy. On home was pleasant trail running and didn’t involve sand.

Liberace’s outraged comments that the run was too short (first back was Oranguwank in 47 minutes) led to him receiving the first down-down. But Mango said the trail was “clever”. Mango then reminded a few of Orville the Duck, a somewhat frightening but fondly remembered puppet duck voiced by Keith Richards [Eh? – ed]. Velcro, Mango and Bukkake sang along to the song that was hidden deep in their childhood memories. Golden Balls had no idea who Orville the Duck was, claiming he was too young. However, his younger brother clearly knew all the words to Orville’s songs. Yummy Mummy made an appearance, Eunuch was not included in the non-runner’s attendance down down because he actually ran. and Oranguwank performed all his down downs with superb form. Velcro Lips fondly shared the names of Catch Of The Day’s birthday cocktail list. Drinks such as “Brow job,” “Sticky Toffee Panty” and of course “Bukkake” were shared. Bukkake faced threats of renaming by Mango to which he performed an “Icky Icky” down down (wow, that sounds a bit strange, but carry on). Mango performed a pre-christening of Sticky Aphid Bottom Exudate’s brother as “Sticky Toffee Panty.” Golden Jelly received down downs for a loud phone and Golden Balls received down downs for what seemed like an unnecessary visit to the doctor in the Philippines involving questions about . As usual, Velcro Lips had to protect her Asahi stash from the hordes of marauding hashers intent on plunder and booze.

– Sticky Apid Bottom Exudate

The run on Facebook
The run on Facebook

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