Run 1702, 15 July 2015, King’s Belly

What A Curry-on!


I arrived early for the run…I didn’t see any hashers in the King’s Belly (Salesman was lurking in a corner but I overlooked him as he sat quietly feasting on Doritos and guacamole) so I spent 20 minutes having a crafty scout for trail… and didn’t find any trail in any direction.

Perplexed, I returned to the King’s Belly, found Salesman and discovered that Eunuch had dropped his bag off before disappearing to plan a Tai Po holiday for his family. While sinking a swift beer, I speculated with Salesman (who gave the feeble excuse of being too tired and drunk to run that night), who might be the mystery hare?

Penile Dementia arrived next, so that ruled him out. When Gunpowder Plod, Liberace, Mango Groove, One Eyed Jack, and Eunuch had all arrived, all denying that they were the mystery hare, enlightenment dawned. Mystery solved. There was no hare. After his “minor” surgery this week, Golden Castrato had failed to hit the high note and persuade someone to be the hare. Moreover, he had begged off joining this week’s run on the grounds that he had to practise his opera until he could make a glass shatter with the pitch of his voice. When he can achieve this feat, this will be the new end to circles, which will now only be over when the fat lady sings.

Mango Groove bravely volunteered to rectify our hare deficit by setting a live trail. One Eyed Jack solemnly pulled out a single stick of French chalk for Mango to mark it. Mo-ah arrived to drag Salesman home so we all trooped off to Liberace’s van (parked far far away) to lock up our bags.

Mango dashed back to the King’s Belly to start the trail while the rest of us returned slowly , only to find Luk Sup Gow sitting there. Aaaaarrrgggg. We could have left our bags at the bar.

We assumed that with a single stick of chalk, Mango’s trail would be short. Maybe 5-10 minutes. How wrong can you be? Mango managed to set us an excellent 4km run in total distance. The first check took us away from Tai Po, under the subway and then unusually left as if we were heading back to the MTR. Another check took us left and upwards towards Shan Tong. At this point Mango realised he was screwed because he only had chalk and the nice trail would have involved some flour. However a check halfway up Shan Tong Road took us right and back down to Wan Tau Tong. A run in along the river, over the road and back through the MTR saw us all back around the 40 minute mark. A quick walk back to Liberace’s van to grab our bags and then back to the King’s Belly for the circle. Must be noted that the entire run was set with a single stick of “magic chalk” kindly donated by One Eyed Jack.

Mango – when you read this, stand up and take a bow. It was a good run.

Circle was short and sweet because we were all hungry for curry. Down downs to the hare for not enough concrete and too much shiggy. Down downs to me for not calling trail when I was the FRB; to Gunpowder Plod, Liberace, Mango Groove, Luk Sup Gow, and Eunuch for failing to wear hash gear; to Plod and Liberace for comparing the size of their tits; to Eunuch for failing to plan his family holiday properly (Mong Kok is obviously a much better holiday destination than Tai Po). Finally a special down down to Mango for having a shinier head than me and One Eyed Jack. No down downs to Plod for his soon-to-be-published book because we knew we’d never hear the end of it…

Then off to Shalimar for a well-deserved curry and exceedingly pleasant conversation. One hundred percent attendance at the on-after. Poppadums, samosas and onion bhajis for all. Everybody then chose excellent curry except for Liberace who chose three-day-aged fish. We still had beer left over from the circle so Mango craftily topped up the restaurant’s beer jugs while the waitress pretended not to notice. Mango subtly thanked her by flashing his hairy chest.

Plod and Liberace compared phone profile pics and wallpaper – Plod’s profile pic shows him in his pith helmet and suit in his virile younger days – Liberace’s wallpaper is a selfie of his breasts. Three girls were seated at a nearby table and Penile Dementia, Plod and Liberace had a long debate over which one they each preferred. Predictably, Plod fancied the fatter girl and Liberace fancied the skinny girl. Penile Dementia surprised us all though as it turned out he fancied the one with her back to us all – seems he likes coming up the rear.

Sneaky beer. Tasty food. Convivial company. Lots of laughter. A very, very good night’s hash. – Serbian Spammer Bomber Baron Diver von Mooseheime

(Thinning but not yet bald) Hare:

Mango Groove


Serbian Spammer Bomber Baron Diver von Mooseheime


Gunpowder Plod


Penile Dementia

One Eyed Jack

Non Runner:

Lok Sup Gow

Curry Eaters:


Run 1701, 8 July 2015, Cheung Shan Monastery

The Body Snatchers


Run 1701 turned out to be quite alarming. I am now VERY nervous about attending future runs and might start hiding under my bed.

It all started innocuously enough as we assembled together outside Cheung Shan Monastery. Myself (your handsome hero, Serbian Spammer Bomber Baron Diver von Mooseheime), Mango Groove and Golden Balls arrived to find Liberace waiting for us. Velcro Lips was next, then Hash Beer Eunuch arrived on his motorbike, but lacking beer. Last to arrive was One Eyed Jack and there was our first inkling that things were seriously out of kilter.

As One Eyed Jack turned in to park, music blaring from his car stereo, Velcro Lips sashayed her way across to greet him, singing and dancing at him through the car windows while the rest of us looked on bemused. “Okaaaay,” I thought. “That’s unusual.” Little did I suspect just how bizarrely the night would unfold.

The next indicator that things were not as they should be, was the briefing. Knowing Liberace was the hare I had brought speed hiking poles with me to support my dodgy ankle up and down the hills.

“You won’t need those,” he told me.

“But what about the hills and the shiggy?” I asked.

“It’s all flat,” he advised me.

What? A Liberace run with no hills or shiggy. Hmmmmmm. By now I was beginning to get suspicious. Was Liberace misleading me or was this some imposter.

Before we set off, Golden Balls called out to a couple running past to come and join the hash. And lo and behold, they approached the group and turned out to be Shanghai hashers who had no idea there was a Northern New Territories Hash. They were unable to join this run, but hopefully, we’ll see them in future (unless they read this report, in which case they will know it is not safe as they may be replaced by alien clones).

And so, we set off. Onto a split, with trail marks running off into the distance in both directions. One led up a hill through jungle (so maybe it was the real Liberace as hare) and the other led along the road. Knowing Liberace was the hare, everyone except Eunuch and One Eyed Jack set off up the hill. Which turned out to be a false trail. So we chased along after Eunuch and One Eyed Jack. But where were they?

Further up the road we found a checkback. True trail went down a side road. And there we caught up with the front runners. We then found ourselves exploring many checks with false trails marked in every which direction. Liberace had clearly being paying attention to some of my trails. Markings out of sight around corners. Trail markings in three dimensions and not just on the road. But no laminated notices; clearly he still has some lessons to learn.

But always trail followed road or path. No hills. No shiggy. As this continued and we pounded down the tarmac, I began to realise Liberace had been replaced by an imposter.

More strangeness ensued. At one check most of the pack went off following a false trail. Eunuch took the opposite direction and started calling “trail” and then “on on”. No, I didn’t make a mistake and type the wrong name. Eunuch was calling trail. Only me and Velcro Lips were check hanging, the rest of the pack having disappeared into the distance following false trail, so only we were close enough to hear this strange phenomenon. Off we went, not thinking to question our safety. Then when Eunuch went chasing along another false trail taking most of the pack with him, we then had what must qualify as the second-most unbelievable event of the night, when Velcro Lips became the front runner for a while.

Eventually, I passed an on home sign and confidently ran on, sure that I was on the right trail, only to be confounded by a checkback. Who puts a checkback after the on home?

Even then I didn’t realise just how severe the danger was. Not until I arrived back (not the last, and arriving before the circle started) and discovered that the first to finish the trail was Golden Balls, who had managed to run past Eunuch and Mango right at the finish. WHAT?!? This has to qualify as the most unbelievable event of the night.

Fortunately Liberace had gone out to buy beer and ice so I was able to grab a can and drink my shock away.

Just as the circle was about to start, consternation errupted when the police arrived and set up a roadblock only 50m down the road. First thoughts were that they would be interested in our beer drinking and that perhaps we should move the circle along the road and out of sight and mind. Calm returned when ex-rozzer Liberace was dispatched to find out what they were doing and returned to tell us that they were looking for illegal aliens.

Now the circle could begin.

More consternation ensued as we realised that Golden Balls’ clone had mistakenly lined up with a street light so that his shadow was cast in the circle. A slim-waisted shadow. Now the game was truly up.

The circle quickly was dragged back into normality (for a while, until we tickled Golden Balls’ tummy). Many downdowns for the hare for a flat, shiggyless trail with many false leads, and for many, many dogs having promised at the start that there were no dogs at all. Many downdowns to others (including myself) for various crimes. A renaming for one night only, Racing Balls. Soliloquies from Velcro Lips (on circles being hijacked on lesser hashes for bitchy personal downdowns) and Eunuch (about his admiration for the British passport office, Philippines divorce law and his enjoyment of his many holidays). Intelligence on who is sleeping with whom provided by Velcro Lips. – Serbian Bomber


  • Liberace


  • Serbian Spammer Bomber Baron Diver von Mooseheime
  • Mango Groove
  • One Eyed Jack

Pod People (Cloned Alien Imposters)

  • Racingballs
  • Eunuch
  • Velco Lips
  • Liberace


Run 1700, 1 July 2015, Sha Tau Kok

Magical Mystery Tour

The 1700th Run could have been an absolute mare. The hugely ambitious undertaking by Hong Kong’s smallest hash – on probably the hottest day of the year – was fraught with logistical difficulties and last-minute obstacles, including a heat exhaustion hospitalisation, but somehow it all came together on the day, with 84 runners counted in. Is anybody still out there? We have four reports for your instruction and delight, and several photo galleries (photos by Luk Sup Gow, One Eyed Jack, Shek Kong Coming and Walky Talky).


After the briefing administered by the Headmistress GM, Velcro Lips, at which we were strongly admonished to get on the right bus, about 30 of us followed Mango Groove, holding his WIMPS notice, onto a bus and off we went. We were then given some more good news; our bags would NOT be going to B and we would have to carry them or take with us what we felt we needed at B. I was left thinking of all those nice little bags I could have brought with me to carry assorted kit – asthma inhaler, adrenalin injector for hornet sting shock treatment (won’t need that on a wimps trail…), fragrant roll-on, bananas, biscuits…) I then asked Universal Wanker if he would mind carrying my food in his back-pack but he declined; wanker! Mango agreed but I never saw my biscuits again! So, on arrival at A at Luk Keng we debussed for another briefing, this time by Mango. Basically it would be jungle rules; only one trail. Wimps would be an hour and super-wimps 10 minutes less. Carry water. Then we were off at 3pm sharp; on-on was left through the village where a couple of checks were quickly solved and we were next up a rough village path into the hills of Pat Sin Leng Country park. This was very pleasant and well marked with a couple more checks to keep the pack together. Then the trail split with super-wimps going down and wimps going up through a couple more checks and then to a third with all the FRBs going up and then back down again and we were off down right into the shiggy, Penile Dementia keeping me company most of the way. After a while, we rejoined the wimps trail and started overtaking them out into the Nam Chung village fishponds and the blazing sun. Here it started to become a struggle for most as we emerged onto Nam Chung Road and turned left for about 800m. It was at the end of this baking hot road section that Butterfly collapsed from heat exhaustion and was administered to by some FRBs including Anal Invitation, who accompanied her to hospital in the ambulance. (There may be stories to tell about CPR and mouth to mouth here but not from me!) The survivors staggered on up the never ending steps of the ancient boulder pathway which is now the Nam Chung Country Trail. After a kilometre and 25 minutes of hard slogging I arrived suddenly at B for a total run time of 55 minutes, just right for a wimps, thank you; pity about the 32C heat, RA! It was a relief to sink into the cool waters of the beautiful rock pool, swiftly vacated by several frolicking semi-naked maidens and their boyfriends as ever increasing numbers of dirty and dishevelled hashers and harriettes trundled in to displace them. As I floated in the pool nursing an ice-cold beer I wondered how the hell anyone managed to get up here carrying boxes of beer, softies and crates of ice; well done to all who helped. – Gunpowder Plod



So we turned up at University with “2 o’clock and don’t be late!!!!” echoing in our ears, from GM Velcro Lip’s email.

Tin Tin was heard to say “F%@K sake!!! who are all these people!!??”

It was pretty obvious. Word had got around Hong Kong that the Northern New Territories Hash were going to put on a good day of hashing. In fact, as we were all going to find out, it was a good deal of time, effort and shear ballsy-ness, turning out into a superb day!

At University, the GM (who looked like she’d got between Mayweather and Pacquiao) gave us the brief that there were two buses. One for the wimps and one for the rambos. “DO NOT!!! get on the Rambo’s bus if you are NOT a REAL Rambo,” she said.

As usual, there’s always the odd one that knows better!!!

On we split to the various buses pertaining to our levels of alcohol consumption from the night before. I got caught up in a group of hashers who somehow ushered me onto the nearest bus, which to my horror turned out to be for the rambos!!! “Let me OFF!!”……*nobody is listening*…….*oh well*…….

“You will not see your bag until 1930 at the earliest!!” came a shout from the front.

……Not unless you carry it with you of course ….. ;o)

Down the Tolo highway we proceeded in the direction of Tai Po with everybody guessing where we were heading. Straight past the turn off for Kam Tin (calm down Tin Tin!) and on on to Fanling. Through the industrial estate short-cut and onto Sha Tau Kok Road in the direction of Luk Keng.

Just as we thought we were going on round to Luk Keng, the bus stopped in a lay-by and off we got.

“Everybody go to the toilet!!” shouted Catch of the Day, and dutifully we all obeyed! (There’s going to be no peeing on this trail if she’s got anything to do with it!)

So, as the queue built up for the one and only toilet, Eunuch chalked out the markings for everyone to see on the road……..

“NOT THERE UNICK!!” shouted Catch of the Day, who was stood in front of a temple, “OVER HERE!!” (Oops, Unack’s in for it now I thought)

So COTD gives the brief: “There is a rambo and super-rambo split, and it’s marked like this………”No, it’s not!” came Unock’s reply “It’s marked like this”….. and off we jolly well trundled.

Through some lovely chilled-out village with a number of checks to keep the front runners from venturing too far ahead, and onto an ancient trail that wound on up the hill with Sha Tau Kok Road to our backs.

And up we went………..and up………up…….up….(*are we there yet!?*) ……. and up……..up….

“Erm, Serbian Bomber, arn’t you going the wrong way?”. “No, I know exactly where I am and I know a great shortcut”

……..and up….. and… up…….and……

“WATCH OUT A HORNETS NEST ARRRRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!” (Writers note ; if theres one thing that will get hornets a little bit upset, its being a tadge noisy) …..and sprinting back down trail came Smallbone not looking very happy at all.

Apparently we had disturbed a hornets’ nest on trail and they weren’t best pleased with all the racket!

“Shhhhh” said I, “We need to be silent and go quietly past.” So, the Filipina lady in front of me (sorry, forgot your name) went stealthily forward, followed by me 10 paces behind. All going well until the lady lost her nerve and off she fled, shouting “I’m clear!!” just as I got level with the nest!!! (*me finks, best I start running at this point!!!*) Anyway, I got off lightly with only one sting to my ar…bottom.

And so we continued up and up and finally, after about an hour, a few mega neck extensions and lots of fluid consumed, we summitted the hill to find COTD, stood on Nam Chung Country Trail at the rambos and super-rambos split.

Marked on the ground (and nothing like what she or Hoonark said at the start!) was marked ‘Beer’ to the right.

Oh, yes! *do I look like I just got off the last banana boat!* “I’ll be going left then!!”

And down the trail a few of us went. (Pissed Principal In Pink, Filthy Festering Felch Monster, Skirt Climber and a young lady he was running with but not sure of her hash name, to name a few).

Not very far I might add, where we came across the first plunge pools. In we went for a quick cool down before we carried on down to the next plunge pool area, and, as it happens, the business location, where the wimps were getting well stuck in to the lovely cold beverages.

Time to rehydrate!!!

Smallbone came in a short while later looking like Homer Simpson (and to be honest it did look painfull!) with many hashers having tales of how they’d managed to circumnavigate the hornets’ nest, others telling where they’d been stung, and a few hashers wondering how they’d been conned into going on the super-rambos!!

Business was conducted in an orderly fashion with a few visiting luminaries’s to break up Velcro’s and RA Mango Groove’s ramblings [namely Pugak, Smallbone, Liberace doing a “Learning With Libs” turn, and Parkie] and lots of beer consumed by all and sundry.

With the drinks starting to run out, we all started to move on down the hill towards the waiting transport. On the way down, we passed Serbian Bomber whose shortcut had obviously not been as short as he thought!!!

The main buses were a little further than we anticipated so a little beer stop was required at a village daipaidong. Then it was onto a minibus which then ferried us to the waiting transport, (where a very able Chemical Ali kept the party moving along very nicely) and on into Fan Ling for food and further alcohol consumption.

It was at this point that things started to get very hazy…………..On-On!!! – Moonie


Little Sai Wan joined us for the day. Here’s their take on the run


As this week’s hare was having so much fun on the Northern New Territories 1700 anniversary hash, he had forgotten to take any notes …

Well the N2TH3 certainly laid on a right extravaganza for the LSW on HKSAR establishment day. Meeting at University MTR station in sizzling 35 degree heat (more of that later), the hashers were told sternly that they had to choose between the wimps/super-wimps and rambos/super-rambos bus. And ominously the GM of the N2TH3 hash said there was no going back. As the rambo trail had been set than none other than Catch Of The Day, the well-known completely mad-hat Japanese hasher known for some really crazy f***ed up trails, I chose sensibly to board the Wimps bus, as I did not fancy another two to three hours running around the hills having just recced the LSW Choi Hung special earlier in the day.  Having been told by Mango, a well known N2TH3 and Kowloon hasher, that his wimps trails should take about an hour, that sounded much better.

The GM then told us that since the B was in the middle of nowhere with no road access and a 15 minute hike back to the main road and another 10 minutes by Private Light Bus back to the big buses that we should take with us on the run whatever we wanted for the circle. Not particularly useful for those with large packs …. but it turned out that in fact you really did not need a bag anyway. After a few normal hash noises like the WTF and oh god this sounds like a bloody nightmare everyone settled down.

And so it was, on hash time at least 30 minutes later than billed, the buses set off on their magical mystery tour.

The wimps bus came to a halt at the pagoda in front of the Luk Keng cafeterias. We were all turfed off the bus, listened to a few instructions and started running in the scorching heat through villages and fish farms. The first section of trail led us through the old Luk Keng village before joining the Wilson Trail leading from Pat Sin Leng. A wimps/super-wimps split took the FRBs up, over and down through some shiggy before joining back together. The trail then led through an occupied village area with pretty fishponds before coming out onto Nam Chung Road. For the first two thirds of the wimps trail, the pack of lead runners – including the famous Anal Invitation, my good self, Butterfly of Wanchai fame and Camel kept on falling over each other as the carefully designed checks did their dastardly work. In the last third, there were mercifully very few checks and I ploughed on to finish the wimps so far ahead of the rest of the pack I could not really understand it. With the wimps heading back up into the hills, the pack was quite confused ….. quite easy for hashers with only half a mind.

Later, the reason why an unfit middle aged hasher had come in so far in front of the main pack became apparent. Anal Invitation who had been living up to his erstwhile hash name, Anal Retreat, had been running just behind the lovely Butterfly who had fainted straight into his arms. Anal Invitation insisted later that he had been a complete gentleman, but there were rumours that in fact he’d been running far too close to Butterfly and she’d fainted because of the stench coming from Anal’s plastic fantastic hash shirt! Anal valiantly took Butterfly to hospital for a little rehydration and a quick check-up and turned up later with a refreshed Butterfly in tow at the bash.

Back to the run …. so after climbing for a steady 10 minutes I ran down to a refreshing pool with no hashers in sight and the only evidence of B was a circle on the bridge over the stream with a B inside it. Even my small hashing brain deduced that despite the lack of any hashers or beer I had probably reached B, although I was wondering where the hell was the beer and ice and where were they going to circle up. I spotted a clue to the beer ‘problem’ on the final climb with a couple of wrinkled gentleman carrying heavy hold-alls full of white and green cans! The N2TH3 had carried the beer and other drinks the night before and hidden them in the undergrowth in black bin liners! The answer to the circle ‘issue’ was answered as 20 feet beneath the bridge was a large pool with a small staging area on the other side of the stream. As I lay in the water I realised why they chosen such a tranquil spot for B and more runners, beer and ice began to appear.

The first Rambo back was one of the super fit Phillipina ladies, much to the incredulity of most of the wimps, but since I had spotted her climb onto the rambo bus I congratulated her and wondered if I had done the rambos how much behind her I would have finished. The first super-rambo back was our very own Crash Test Dummy, who frankly looked a bit knackered and extremely hot. CTD then spent 10 minutes lying in the water groaning and said that although the run was only about 6.5km long it took him 1 hours 40 minutes to finish it.  Crazy shiggy and big hills – classic Catch Of The Day madness on the hottest day of the year thus far. Inflato was probably about 10 minutes behind Crash Test although belying his years he looked like he was about to fall over dead from exhaustion …… well done boys. Any Dick’ll Do cruised in from doing the super-rambos looking like she’d done an afternoon stroll ….. perhaps she hadn’t not wanted to finish too far ahead of Smallbone??

The circle was eventually called once beer and ice had been piled up on the stage. With Velcro Lips, the first female GM of the N2TH3 in 25 years, strutting her stuff ably supported by Mango and some other N2TH3 stalwarts who were really rather funny. The circle then degenerated as Mr Parky who is probably only marginally funnier than me (extremely worrying) gave a few down downs before the circle came to a natural halt as we ran out of beer – but not before the hashers had thanked the porters. The LSWers just managing to get a single rendition of the hash song much to the amusement of N2TH3ers – the second rendition being swiftly abandoned due to lack of any beer to refresh the vocal chords!!

The hashers then gradually filed off down the hill where another comedy ensemble with the lack of transport as we were too early, with some hashers walking the wrong way. Filthy Festering Flech Monster car-jacking some random Chinese couple’s Jaguar XJ with foul smelling sweaty hashers filling up the back seat. Eventually we all made it back to the buses [via a minibus shuttle], more ice and beer was swiftly procured and we started sing dirty old hash songs on the way to the dai pai dong somewhere near Fanling.  A superb on-on was organised and trays of Chinese slop consumed – we all piled back onto the buses and On On On to Wanchai.

Well done to the N2TH3 hash for organising such a great day out with Plod assisting with procuring the porters apparently the day before the hash! – Little Sai Wanker


And if you can stomach any more, here’s a hare’s-eye-view of the proceedings – a Bogbrush-like drama


Title: Living on the Edge, in 12 scenes

Scene 1. Early May. A daipaidong somewhere in the New Territories in spring

Velcro Lips (GM):…”Right children, we have the 1700th run coming up, and according to Golden Balls’ calculations it falls on the July 1st public holiday…any ideas?”

Mango:…”Let’s hire a pink bus, drive it around all day and get totally pissed”

Catch Of The Day:…”I think we should do something special. How about we set individual trails and call it an alphabet run?”

GM:…”Well done COTD, we’ll call it a magical mystery tour, and we must have a water feature at the end.”

COTD:.. “Excellent. We’ll recruit Eunuch as well and I’ll make sure we set a nice simple run.”

Sticky Apid Bottom Exudate:…”Wonderful! I shall design a poster to advertise our event.”

GM: … “Well done children…now who wants to be in the N2TH3 dragon boat team this year?”

Scene 2. Dragon boat day, Saturday 20 June, Tai Po Waterfront Park

GM:…”Right, you lot, have we got everything sorted?”

Eunuch:…”COTD and myself have found a brilliant run, it’s gonna be brilliant, it’s the most brilliant run ever, in fact it’s so brilliant it’s the most brilliantly brilliant thing in brillville!”

COTD:…”Yes! Good run. We only need to do a final recce next Saturday. Just a simple little finishing up sort of recce…I think Eunuch and Mango can handle it.”

Eunuch:…”Ok, but Mango will have to call me cos even though I’ a geek I don’t know how to make telephone calls on my smartphone.

Scene 3. Saturday 27 June, 11am …four days before the big event

Mango:…”Hi Eunuch you spackhead, I’ve been trying to call you all morning, we need to go and finalise the trails for the 1700th run.”

Eunuch:…”Ok, but answer me one thing, are you a giver or a taker?”

Mango:…”I don’t understand what on Earth you’re saying.”

Eunuch:…”You have to get on my motorbike and put your arms around my waist, and since we are going to have a special few moments together I need to know, are you a giver or a taker?”

Mango:.. ”Well if you must know, I’m more of a giver than a taker.”

Eunuch:…Right. put this helmet on, wrap your arms tightly around my waist and press your crutch firmly against my bum bone.”

Scene 4. Saturday 27 June 12-30pm…Luk Keng Road

Eunuch:….”What does that sign mean, Mango?”

Mango:…”What sign?”

Eunuch:…”That big red circle with a cross through a bus and the words ‘without permit’.”

Mango:…”It means no buses can go through here unless the driver has special permission and the only buses I have ever seen here were those moving people around for the North Face 100K race, back in January”

Scene 5. Saturday 27 June 12-35pm… Eunuch turns a strange shade of orange

Eunuch:…”Oh no! We’re completely screwed, the run is ruined, we can’t get the buses to where the run starts and finishes ..sniff..sniff...The 80-plus people that are coming are gonna laugh at us…sniff … sniff…they’re gonna call us twats and all sorts of rude things. How come Little Sai Wan always get it right and we always make a complete bollocks of everything…sniff…sniff?”

Mango:…”Come on Eunuch…we might as well see if we can salvage something.”

Eunuch:…”Get on the motorbike – don’t forget the pressing bit – and let’s go around the corner from Nam Chung and see if we can find something at least.”

Mango:…”Good man Eunuch…that’s the ‘N2TH3 spirit’.”

Scene 6. Saturday 27 June, 1-50pm…after climbing up 1 km from Nam Chung Country Park entrance to the water pool

Eunuch… “Come on Mango, jump in.”

Mango… “Are you completely nuts Eunuch, how do you expect us to get beer, softies, water and ice up this bloody hill for 80+ plus hashers?”

Eunuch… “Don’t worry about it…watch me jump…yipp…eeee!”

Scene 7. Tuesday 30 June, 9-30 am…one day before the big event

COTD:…”Eunuch and Mango, have you completed the final recce and sorted out where the buses can go?”

Eunuch:…”Well erm actually the news is not good, we have a slight logistical nightmare.”

Mango:…”Logistical nightmare is wrong, we have no run finished and no idea what to do with the buses or drinks or ice…you see we cannot get people or buses in nor out from where we want to start and finish.”

COTD:…”I knew it was a bad idea leaving you two English muffins to set a trail…I was better off asking somebody foreign like Crash Test Dummy to help me. Get in my car you pair of knuckleheads and lets go set a trail.”

 Scene 8. Tuesday 30 June, 10-30 am…a historical ancestral village on Sha Tau Kok Road

COTD…”Right, we’re going to set the rambos and super rambos through here and up the side of that hill.”

Mango…”That’s not a hill, that’s a friggin mountain. Can’t we just set a nice 45-minute run.”

COTD…”No Mango, we’re going to have some very fast LSW and WH3 runners and we need to break them both physically and mentally.”

Eunuch…”Stop chatting. Velcro will be at the start at 4-30pm with the drinks, so let’s get this trail set.”

Scene 9. Tuesday 30 June, 2-30 pm…lunch break back at the Luk Keng café, joined by Bukkake, Golden Balls and Tim (Golden Balls’ nephew visiting from Dublin).

Golden Balls:…”Just back from safari…been out all day doing a wetland survey with Bukkake…far end of Plover Cove Reservoir…tough work don’t ya know. Velcro said to meet her here later, she’s bringing two coolies and they’re going to carry everything up the hill to the water pool.”

COTD:…”Mango and Eunuch will finish setting the wimps and super-wimps and Golden Balls and myself will check out the bus parking for the the rambos on Sha Tau KOK Road. Sorry. The wimps will start from Luk Keng.”

Scene 10. Tuesday 30 June, 4-30 pm…everyone meets back at the Luk Keng café

Golden Balls:… “We need some rickshaws to get everyone back from B to the buses.”

COTD:…”Let me flash my boobies at this nice PLB driver, maybe we can hire him for an hour.”

Golden Balls:…”Great idea…should I flash mine as well?”

Scene 11. Tuesday 30 June, 5-30 pm…PLB driver confirms he is OK to help us with transport, but politely asks Golden Balls to keep his shirt on. Velcro Lips appears with Jam The Vag and Boy and a motor stashed with drinks.

Scene 12. Tuesday 30 June 8-30 pm…all drinks have been moved up the hill, Golden Balls confirms final arrangements for ice with the assistance of Golden Jelly. Everyone confirms their final roles for the day, Mango to sweep the wimps/super-wimps, Eunuch to sweep the rambos, COTD to sweep the super-rambos and Velcro to drive to Nam Chung with our Philipino friends for ice transport. The entire hare/logistics team are absolutely shattered, having all done heavy carries up the hill, but relieved their plan has come together in the very last hours before the 1700th run. At the steps of Nam Chung Country Park Velcro Lips speaks the final words: “I love living on the edge.” – Mango Groove


Run 1699, 24 June 2015, Pik Shui Sun Tsuen

Filthy, Festering, Fetid and Fuggy


With no time mentioned on Plod’s email, your scribe arrived at Pik Shui Sun Tsuen far too early at 6.30pm hoping for a 7pm start…25 mosquito bites later, the first hasher, Penile Dementia, arrived at 7pm to say , nope it’s a 7.30pm start. Sigh!

The hares, Gunpowder Plod and Joemel, arrived soon after looking tired, wet and, in Plod’s case, with a broken toe grrrrrrr! Plod then proceeded to undress and dress, then undress and dress again when he realised he’d put his trousers on inside out; Joemel’s fault apparently for not packing them in Plod’s bag the right way round! Chairs were soon found in a nearby rubbish dump by Penile Dementia and set up for the old codgers near the park entrance to count the hashers in.

The rest of the pack drove in, with Liberace taking ages to reverse his van. Parking loudly with his automatic horn, “STFU” yelled Plod!  A greeting of “What are you doing here?” came from One Eyed Jack and “You’re not from around here are you?” from Mango Groove, made me feel very welcome…not! However, GM Velcro Lips and Catch Of The Day soon turned up and greeted me kindly so all was well again! Mango Groove blinded people with his new Excel Source torch he’d bought online for GBP16.99 but then was really upset to find out that Catch Of The Day had bought the exact same for RMB5 in China. So as light travels faster than sound, he’s seems bright at first until sound comes out of his mouth! After this, Eunuch tore in on his 125cc Lambretta closely pursued by Anus the Horrible and Bukkake with the buckets.

With very detailed instructions from Plod on the various markings, including coloured pink ribbons, yellow ribbons, double ribbons, toilet paper, flour but no chalk, (thunderstorms being expected) and how to identify the rambo/wimp split, a number of questions followed. The pack was finally sent on their way at around 7.45pm.  (Note the time for the future, I might even make those really far off runs after all!)

The first section was a loop around and back on to Pik Sui Sun Tsuen Road and then up a hill where Anus the Horrible yelled ribbon. It turned out to be incorrect yellow plastic ribbon which was apparently placed there by the hare to confuse the pack. So back down the hill, half way to find a trail to the right or left depending on which direction you’re coming from and through some pretty shitty shiggy. Through the bush up some muddy paths and then back onto a trail. Eunuch upset that he was now at the back and Mango Groove really pleased with himself that he was FRB. A tricky two-way check was then found, with Eunuch declaring it could go either way! Eunuch then went left while most of the pack went right. Eunuch was right. (I thought he went left – Ed.)

Calls were clearly heard on down – a nice change from other hashes. After a checkback at the bottom, the trail led right through a graveyard and down to a check on the road. Down the road a bit to a sneaky left turn back into the shiggy. Well done hares for finding this path in the first place. The pack then ran/crawled/stumbled through, and mostly up, dense heather following toilet paper trail to finally a pretty little clearing with a chair and a great view of the sea.

The trail then led us over a cultivated lawn that looked very much like private property, but which Plod had promised was in fact government land, past a barbed wire fence. Barking dogs, searchlights and clanging alarms frightened the FRBs. What was behind those walls, the Crown Jewels? Then up along a slippery path with more air conditioners than Fortress had in stock to the wimp/rambo split, clearly marked with two pink ribbons. The wimps (Filthy Festering Felch Monster, One Eyed Jack and the GM) continued on up the road, past the original trail and then straight up and around then down to the road back to beer, crisps and A. Plod and Joemel were going through the beers and the crisps as we arrived. The rambos followed about 35 mins later, so an excellent run on a hot, sweaty night of about 1 hour 5 minutes. Well done hares.

The Rambos trail went left at the split back into the shiggy then down to the beach via a couple of awkward shiggy checks onto the long shiggy contour path above the shore. This was marked with Plod’s shredded early versions of his Little Red Swear Book and drafts of his soon to be published memoirs, the aptly but obscurely named Accidental Prawn; there seemed to be an awful lot of it…then it was along the beach (a section about Mango and Eunuch cavorting naked in the waves intently ogled by Anus the Horrible has been deleted in the interests of hash decorum – Ed) and then back up 565 steps to the university and a couple of checks through Pik Shui San Tsuen on home, Eunuch in the van.

After a lot of drinking and munching, Velcro Lips called the circle to order and awarded the down-downs. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the scribe did not have to record any further incriminating evidence, but the DDs were hilarious with Joemel named Jam the Vag by RA Mango and a number of 69 drinks awarded…the rest well, you had to be there!

On On to the 1700 Anniversary Run… – Filthy Festering Felch Monster

Thanks to Gunpowder Plod who acted as Ed.

Run 1698, 17 June 2015, Siu Lek Yuen

The No Octopus Run

Serbian Bomber was determined his run from Siu Lek Yuen wouldn’t be an utter shambles, so he prepared laminated instructions and warnings, which he then placed around the trail. He also gave a comprehensive briefing, which nobody listened to. “The hash has begun…” he mailed to the group in real time. “The silly sods ignored the hare’s instructions to carry an Octopus…so now they can’t take the wimps option and they’re all stuck with the rambos 10km run.

“This is gonna be interesting,” he concluded.

The smallish pack set off on pleasant paths and boulder trails that wind behind Turret Hill and A Kung Kok Shan to Mui Tsz Lam Road. At the bottom of Mui Tsz Lam Road was the supposed wimp/rambo “split”, with wimps supposed to take the MTR to (near) the finish. The rambo route home was back along the road towards Tate’s Cairn Tunnel, but was far from obvious. At one point Eunuch and Catch Of The Day found themselves dodging cars on a highway.

A long, hot run crowned with pizza!