Run 1722, 25 November 2015, Lion Rock Country Park

Amah Headless Chicken

Unseemly priapism
Unseemly priapism

My Landrover had broken down, so following Salesman’s description, I took MTR and bus, and got off at the bus stop next to the car park. I saw Mango Groove carrying something across the road, followed by Salesman who was putting arrows behind Mango Groove. I figured they were carrying BBQ stuff from the car park to the BBQ pits in Lion Rock Country Park. Oh yes, I remember Salesman said he is going to have a BBQ before or after the run. Moah was nervously keeping a look behind the rest of pack wondering if the hashers would be able to follow Salesman’s markings. I expect she knows her husband well.

Velcro Lips, One Eyed Jack, Penile Dementia, Stingray, Mango, Eunuch, Dingaling, Liberace, Golden Balls and a new guy, Vibrator, arrived at the BBQ pits and hung around for Salesman’s briefing.

“If you touch Amah Rock, you’ll get pregnant!” pronounced Mango the biologist. He thinks the rock is as powerful as the gigantic tackle between his legs. Golden Balls said to me, “He should have told you that a couple of years ago.”

“What? You mean I’m too old to get pregnant?”

“Don’t underestimate me” growled the gigantic camel toe between COTD’s legs.

“On on is that direction!” Salesman shouted after the pack had already departed without listening to his briefing. Moah gave him a big admiring glance.

Not too far from where we started we saw the first check. Liberace took the main stone steps up and Eunuch went to the shiggie trail followed by COTD. A few minutes later, somebody shouted ON ON from far west and all the others rushed there as they were scared of the dark and didn’t want to be left alone. A white arrow with two dots looks like a smiley face ON ON :-> leading us to Hung Mu Kuk Nature Trail and up to Wilson Trail section 5.

At the back, Dingaling decided to throw his torch down a sheer drop and climbed down to look for it in the blackness. Stingray came along and shone his light on Dingaling.

On the Wilson Trail catchwater, the 4th check was waiting for us. Eunuch, the first to arrive, went left (east) followed by COTD. Liberace checked the dirt trail to the south and Mango went right (west). Liberace came back to the check quickly and said “no trail”, but finding neither Mango nor Eunuch had yet called “ON ON” he realised he hadn’t gone far enough, and decided to go back to the trail again. Finally he called ON ON from the dirt trail where it split into two, this time to the right, which took us to Maclehose Trail section 5 pagoda.

The 5th check was next to a pagoda and sent Liberace, Eunuch and COTD in three different directions. Liberace shouted ARE YOU every second during his checking the trail down to the north. I took the Maclehose to the east and saw another circle mark next to garbage bins, thought this was set by another hash group and went back to the pagoda, but none of them had yet called ON ON, so I bounced back to the check next to the garbage and kept looking east along the Maclehose. Eventually Liberace called ON ON. I ran back to the garbage and Liberace pointed next to the check and said this is ON ON. :<

I bounced back eastwards again while Liberace took the steps up to Lion Rock peak. Soon he shouted ON ON and we all dashed up to the steps following him. Then Liberace shouted T. I bounced back to Maclehose east again. This was the third time. Well, finally I found a :-> and called ON ON.

Eunuch said what took you so long? I replied I was playing with my dolls in the garbage patch.

The trail let the pack have a nice easy run on the Maclehose for about a kilometre and then cut into the shiggy downhill all the way to the finish. From behind, Mango came tumbling down the stone path like some animal or mountain goat with no brain and disappeared in the dark. Zeazus (Jesus or Zeus – take your pick), he is really fast downhill indeed.

At the finish, Salesman and Moah welcomed runners with a nice smell of BBQ smoke. I found two chilled white wine bottles nicely sitting in the ice box. Looks like tonight is 5-star treatment for N2TH3.

Stingray with a big smile very decisively said to Mango “YOU SHORT CUT! SHORT CUT! YOU DID SHORT CUT!”. At the very end of the run, there was a small detour to the BBQ pits, but Mango Groove went through the shiggy trail, which only short cut a couple of metres. Stingray said “SHORT CUT IS SHORT CUT!” Yes, indeed, we give no mercy and no quarter on the hash!

The pack then decreed unanimously that Mango had indeed SHORT CUT. – Catch Of The Day

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  1. Salesman 07/12/2015 / 8:09 pm


    Class! Well-written.

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