Run 1727, 23 December 2015, Tai Po


A simple run for the Christmas-depleted pack, although Vibrator returned and Soul Man made his N2THG3 debut. Having come straight from the office Christmas party (Catalunya, incredible food by El Bulli alumni with free-flow champagne and wine) I was late for the start and not in any state to run anyway, although I tried. Setting off with fellow latecomer P. Dementia, with hare Liberace’s words echoing in my ears, I looked for the recommended short cut (up the hill to my old place, cut through the tunnel and pick up the trail home). I quickly parted company with my pard, who insisted on doing the full run. Then followed a fruitless half hour as I tried to find Liberace’s old gaff before cutting my losses and heading back to the finish at the sitting out area south of the Belly, where the pack had already assembled. There may have been some sort of Christmassy drink. There was a circle, during which I gleaned that the pack had climbed a hill with some shiggy, which was hairy (hare-y?) in places.

Gets coat. Goes.

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