Run 1732, Wednesday 27 January 2016, Fo Tan

Cometh The Hour…

beer guard

On a night when it was warmer outside than inside 12 hashers made their way to the Fo Tan daipaidongs to take part in Run 1732. The hare G Spot was still out on trail as the group assembled. After the usual banter and no sign of the hare bags were stashed in various vehicles. It was decided to set off without the hare’s usual briefing in the general direction of up. Just as the hash randomly set off, late arrival Luk Dim Boon rolled up. With everyone itching to go Golden Balls gallantly volunteered to wait behind for him.

Fifteen minutes after the pack left GB and LDB set off. leaving the beer esky unguarded in the park. It was then that Plod turned up and with an ex-copper’s instinct immediately sniffed out the unmanned esky and valiantly sacrificed his run to guard the beer.

Eunuch led the way up through Fo Tan towards Kwai Tei New Village and in the general direction of Wo Sheung Tun. With Eunuch still out of site we came across some strange markings. Three parallel lines across the trail. After consultation GM Liberace said “There’s no such marking!!!” We took it that this was not good news, turned back and soon found trail just below heading up the valley on a steep concrete path towards Wo Sheung Tun. On reaching the top we finally caught up with Eunuch who was struggling back from a false trail up to the right.

We turned left onto a nice little off piste path with bits of shiggy to find Seoul Man up front on only his third night hash. What followed was nice tricky trail with plenty of interest contouring well below Grassy Hill. We crossed various streams to reach Wong Chuk Yeung. We then followed the steep concrete Wong Chuk Yeung Tsuen path towards the finish at Fo Tan. The run was around 6.7km with 350m of up.

Hashers in attendance included Liberace , Eunuch, Serbian Bomber, Catch of the Day, Seoul Man, Golden Balls, Ah Duk , Luk Dim Boon, antipodean Joe, Gunpowder Plod, G Spot and Red Rump. Mango Groove was absent having sustained a crash on Monday night with Kowloon Hash on a reckless descent to Sham Tseng Service Reservoir.

The GM convened the circle and G Spot was given the customary abuse on the general state of the run, the lack of a briefing and in particular the strange markings found on trail. Three parallel lines across trail thought to be a check back sign from some alien hash. Was there a wimps/rambo split/run???

Having taken his well deserved down downs G Spot proposed a moment’s silence in memory of Velcro’s mum who had recently passed away.

The moment’s silence respectfully observed, the Hash returned to the business of the day. Down downs were given to antipodean Joe for being a night hash virgin , Seoul Man for wearing gay arm protectors, Catch Of The Day for her recent hash crash, Mango in absentia for not turning up due to another hash crash.

Antipodean Joe and I [both horse doctors – Ed] were given down downs by Libs for failing to save the lives of two racehorses killed instantly after an equine head-on crash the previous week. Further down downs followed including Serbian Bomber and Libs but I can’t remember why.

On to the on on. About eight of us headed round the corner to the nearby pigeon daipaidong for some great food including pigeon washed down by some of Hong Kong’s finest Tsingtao. – Red Rump

Mango “knows”

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