Run 1765, 7 September, Leafy Glade

The Labyrinth


Dingaling’s threat to live-hare the run came to nought as he’d already set it when the runners arrived. He promised a boring flat run with no surprises, laid in shredded paper around the Lam Tsuen labyrinth. Was he right? I dunno. I was late and joined fellow non-runners One Hung Lo and Fartypants, along with the hare, for some hydration. Half an hour or so later runners started coming in full of the usual bullshit ebullient stories of how so-and-so got lost, thingummy was stoopid, watchamacallit fell over, Liberace was a homo blah blah blah.

Antiseptic made a welcome return to the hash as her fellow Filipinas helped her remember just what she was missing about the hash.


Then the hare popped home for a minute and returned with … pizza!


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