Run 1769, Kam Tin, 5 October

Light My Fire – No, Don’t!


This week the pack was in Kam Tin for a classic Hard up and Walky Talky run which consisted of 8.5km of trail, 8 markings (according to my count), burning hillsides, and a group of beer-thirsty hashers, most of whom intelligently opted out of the run to get drunk on the park benches of Kam Tin. Upon returning from the run, it was hard to tell them apart from the local crowd.

During the run briefing there was the usual onslaught of preconceived complaints about the run, set as it was by babes … I bet we’re going up that hill …  their last run was 2 hours … blah blah. Wankers!

The pack set off heading north through Kam Tin town and ON ON towards the burning hills. Fortunately, we were spared from running up into the infernos burning on Kai Kung Leng. Here we were met with what would turn out to be the most challenging check of the night. Not because it was clearly laid, but because Liberace is a retard. Upon reaching the check, G-Spot, Gaelle Says No and Liberace dispersed in search of flower (proper spelling of the white powdery stuff according to Sting Ray). Liberace returned to the check, screaming “Its not this way”, “You wankers need to check farther”. Naturally, after 10 minutes of scouring the village, trail was found 20 metres down the path Liberace had initially declared dead.

It was then that the skies opened up to cool off the runners. Perfect for the ensuing 5km of road … after a few missed (or nonexistent) markings the pack was on to the rambo and wimps split. The rambos were treated with a delightful shiggy trail up to a ridge and then a screaming downhill through some graves and glorious shiggy and on home to Kam Tin town. Those opting for the wimps were treated to another 3km of glorious pavement.

Upon returning to the run start it was as expected, the non-runners had eaten all the crisps and drunk half the beer. Fartypants’ excuse, muttered through a mouthful of crisps and beer, was he had to stay behind to watch the bags …

Hilarious down downs ensued and all wrongs were made right with the exception of Golden Balls and Eunuch’s side conversation about justifying all their discriminatory and wank talk, “Hey, it’s just the way we were brought up mate … You don’t like it you can wank off ya wankers”

ON ON – Gaelle Says No

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