Run 1776, 23 November, Sai Kung

The Times They Are a-Changing

The stamp of authority

With Populist candidates sweeping the worlds elections it was no surprise to see Serbian Bomber, the peoples champion, take control of the NT Hash.


No time waiting for the late comers and slow parkers, just get the show on the road. The cold winds of change blow the pack down the hill to Hiram’s Highway. Velcro Lips was to be the Statue of Liberty, shining a light into the lions den, she looked like the Goddess of Democracy.

SIP … Serbian had it all under control.

The hare, Plod, never one to use the old boring conventional chalk and flour for his markings, no he used pink string, yellow string, police string …

Moonie and Gayle Says No scurried around up and down the Victoria line, pity the trail was going along the Central line but they enjoyed themselves, anything goes these days. The Kowloon Hash Veterans are the inner circle of the Serbian regime, no surprise when Geriatric confidently leads the pack and even One Eyed Jack refuses to short cut.

Past Sai Kung Sports College – are the students studying hashing or just followers of Serbians tweets?

SIP … Serbian is the teacher.

Back on Plod’s roof the canopy is about to take off into the wind but the short cutters are only interested in taking off the sausages from the barbecue, where Jam The Vag wields the tongs. Mango Groove and Eunuch return in tears, no longer the dynamic duo of yesteryear.

SIP … this is the Serbian era.

The GM2 down downs circle the circle, no one is spared from Eunuch’s wrath.

The RA2, blown away by the noise and commotion, thinks he must have stepped into Macdonalds by mistake. Stingray lays the blame squarely at the feet of the Kowloon infiltrators but there’s not a moment’s peace, even for Gods messenger.

SIP … Serbian calls on his last disciple.

Hare Raiser Mango tries to put forward some drivel about future runs and penalties, free kicks and yellow cards but no one cares, theres no run yet for next week but Serbian has his finger on the pulse and all will be well.

SIP … Although not actually present, Serbian and his mystical powers have triumphed and crushed all opposition … LIBS is gone … LONG LIVE THE KING. – Stingray

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