Run 1785, January 18, Shek Kong

Fartypants was down as the hare so it was no surprise that Walky Talky set the run, accompanied by sidekick Hard Up. It was also no surprise that they had carried out no reccie and set off on spec along the Shek Kong Catchwater to see what they could find. What was a surprise was that the ladies found an abandoned overgrown path leading up Tai Mo Shan, a path nobody had done before, a path with so much shiggy that just went up and up and up before heading down and down to the Ancient Trail, from where it was a simple run down to the barbecue pits. It appears that when it got dark the hares, without torches, were still heading up into the unknown shiggy. Proper hashers. A splendid run topped off with a sausage quotient. Honorable mention goes to Catch Of The Day, who got round the trail on crutches. Dishonorable mention goes to Catch Of The Day, who was supposed to do this write-up.

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