1807, 31 May, Tai Wai

The Bald Truth

Hares Just Add Alcohol and Crash Test Dummy set a longish trail for this joint run with Little Sai Wan at the Che Kung Temple sports ground, and with both hares having run with N2TH3 in the past there was a reasonable turn-out from the northerners with about 10 runners showing up. Unsurprisingly, LSW had double our numbers, with a good half-dozen fit looking specimens, most of whom were bald.

Just Add Alcohol gave a briefing as Crash Test Dummy was still out on trail. No checkbacks, beautiful trail, rambo shiggy factor 4 (out of 5), wimps 0.5, rambo trail one kilometre longer than wimp. Pizza to follow.

As we started Velcro Lips arrived with Indyanus in tow. The skinheads took off into the night and I got to a road crossing too late to cross before an unending stream of traffic arrived, relegating me to my usual isolated backmarker position (along with Geriatric) much sooner than I’d expected.

Trail went through an estate then some village areas up to Worldwide Gardens, then sho’ ’nuff up the path to the Lion Rock catchwater. Here was the rambo/wimp split, with wimps indicated left and rambos right. I was interested to see what shiggy factor 4 was like so I turned right along the catchwater road. It went on and on and on. Just when I was losing interest there was a path leading up to the left in the direction of Beacon Hill/Lion Rock. I got off the hardtop with relief but was astonished to hear Geriatric coming up behind me. I can’t be going that slow! But no, the telltale clink of crutchpoles revealed the presence of latecomer Catch Of The Day, who quickly passed me with her bizarre vaulting gait. Then another light came up behind me: Eunuch. What he was doing behind me I’ll never know. Anyway it was a nice bamboo trail that went steeply upwards for a while before levelling out on the ridge leading to Lion Rock.

At a check I took a crafty shortcut down to the catchwater, then right for another interminable hardtop sector until I hit the path down to Sha Tin Tau, where I bumped into a front-running wimp. From here it was past San Tin Wai Estate, down the road and round the back of the Che Kung Temple hill home.

Rambo trail had carried on under Lion Rock to Unicorn Ridge and down to Sha Tin Tau, while wimps had gone from the catchwater directly up to the ridge to join the rambo trail, cutting out the shiggy ascent.

Back at the buckets the skinheads were unstubbly with goodness while our mob swarmed around the over 10 dozen beers we’d provided for the massed ranks. Plod as usual had done his own thing. Geriatric thought he’d done the wimps but couldn’t be sure. Velcro was nowhere to be seen. Bukkake had done the full wimps, charitably guiding Any Fanny’ll Do off the ridge after his torch had failed. Mango Groove, Eunuch, Catch Of The Day and an exhausted QT did the rambos.

If the number of runners had been 2:1 in our favour the circle was the reverse, with most of the LSW mob drifting off after a couple of slices of pizza. Eunuch ran the circle for us, then Indy for LSW. An enjoyable evening and kudos to the LSW hares for a nice trail. Happy birthday, JAA!

Here’s the LSW run report, clearly following the old adage that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story! – Golden Balls

Hares JAA & CTD put on a terrific Team Green Training Run for hash 2117 at Che Kung Temple. A joint run with N2TH3, of which hardly any N2TH3 actually did full trail, most turning down what should have been the Wimps, following Inflato [that’s Oranguwank to us – Ed] down the first set of steps off Lion Rock for a comfortable 6km run. Instead the “real” Wimps was a 10km run up, along and back down Lion Rock, with the Rambos having a shiggy diversion early on for an 11km run.

Checks were a bit pointless as you knew where you were going, and with Indy finishing in over 2.5 hours, about 1.5 hours after the pizza had arrived, you knew it was going to be a long night.

Hares: Just Add Alcohol, Crash Test Dummy

Runners: Gunpowder Plod, Geriatric, Velcro Lips, Golden Balls, Catch Of The Day, Eunuch, Bukkake, Mango Groove, QT, Oranguwank, about 20 LSW