Run 1814, 19 July, Kam Tin

Are There No Rules???


As there are no rules on the hash. the story really starts when the two cripples. Geriatric and D Ram, were sauntering along the on-in by the nullah.  Whilst D Ram stopped for a comfort stop, Geriatric probed around in a lay-by under the bridge and discovered a couple of pallets of beverages, which had been done over by the local junkies looking for a quick high.  large cans allegedly containing 12% alco pop looked tempting, so we bagged a few tinnies as roadies for the next mile. The sweet strawberry flavour was bordering on disgusting, and it was decided that these would be perfect for down downs.

The GM’s revenge was just as sweet as the alco-pop, with me (Geriatric) seeming to get most of it, whilst being nominated as scribe. Now what I know, but the GM doesn’t apparently realise, is that old age plus beer plus alcopop does nothing for the memory of the last couple of hours, so recollections are somewhat dim.

At the start, hare One Hung Lo was reluctant to disclose anything about distance, estimated time or even the start direction, with effectively a starting check (is there a rule about this?). For the few who had arrived by MTR, it was fairly obvious that a directissima to the station could work, so after a couple of checks found the pack in the station forecourt to come across a precisely marked arrow going (compass wise) N,NE,N,N,W somehow indicating we should go through KSR and out the other side.  I did later query the hare on the kinky arrow with a hook on the end and he said “well thats the way my mind works”, so what does tell us?

Once clear of the MTR, trail wended southish, to muttering of “the 500 steps” {GB later claimed that there are 582 steps – who’s to argue with that). But up they did go, and along and up and down through checks and vicious splits, arriving back in 80 or so mins.  D RAM and the scribe decided to take the cautious approach along the ground level contour.

Meanwhile, back on trail, they went left after the 582 and down to the Tai Lam Tunnel Interchane, from whence, after a promisin start, it was an interminably long road run through Kam Tin, maybe 4km of hardtop, some said boring, and some even took a taxi back, Golden Balls not looking at you!

Meanwhile French newby Flo (Florent) had his hash baptism and seemed to like it. Let’s hope he doesn’t expect interminable hardtop next time.

Back at the bucket, Hard Up was sitting pretty with a few of the girls, a bucket of salad, and phone in hand trying to order pizza from an unmanned answering service.   A couple of local darkies seemed to have joined the bucket, but it wasn’t immediately clear if they were old members, or “just here for the beer” – it may have even been their stash of alcopops that we nicked. Howver, upon them lighting up, it became clear that they weren’t “of us”, and cleared off quick.

GM brought the circle to order, admonishing the few, leading up to my alcopop down downs, whereupon all other memories dissoved.  Another splendid hash and a good night was had by all. – Geriatric

Hare: One Hung Lo

Runners: QT, Serbian Bomber, Geriatric, D Ram, Tangerine Dream, Flo, Catch Of The Day, Penile Dementia, Golden Jelly, Mango Groove, G-Spot, Golden Balls, Liberace, Gaele Says No, Big Moany

Non-runners: Electrolux, Beer Tits, Phil, Luk Sup Gow

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